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The Lake District Lifestyle Magazine is brought to you by In2town with the aim to inspire you to live life to the full through travel. The team at the Lake District Magazine have traveled the world to bring you details of great places to visit for a family holiday and romantic breaks. We offer hotel reviews, travel advice, tips, and also deals on hotels and days out.


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Should I book a holiday in 2021?

Should I book a holiday in 2021
22 per cent of adults are planning to spend more money on travelling this year Travel agents want you to book your summer holiday now People are worried about booking a summer holiday for 2021 Should I book a summer holiday in 2021 is a question on...

Do I Need Travel Insurance For Domestic Travel?

Do I Need Travel Insurance for staycations
Do I Need Travel Insurance For Domestic Travel has become one of the most asked questions for people taking staycations. Since the COVID19 pandemic our holidays abroad have been swapped with staycations, leaving some people confused if they need travel insurance. Travel insurance for holidays...

Package Holidays TUI Refunds And Flight Refunds Know Your Refund Rights

bott website DSC 2822 201710251
Coronavirus Holiday Package Refunds - Know Your Rights Coronavirus outbreak Q&A: Know your rights for TUI refunds and package holiday refunds and flight refunds. Everything you need to know: from whether you can get a package holiday refund to airline cancellations Flight companies, Tui and Jet2 Holidays,...

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