Millions of reasons to advertise with In2Town LIfestyle Magazine

In2Town Lifestyle Magazine has grown to be a popular and trusted online UK Magazine After unprecedented brand awareness and reach on social media, In2town has generated a massive audience by providing our readers with what they want and by sticking to brand values. If you are looking for online advertising, or social media marketing you’re looking for, In2Town Lifestyle Magazine is a positive and influential voice which can connect your business to a captive audience within the UK and beyond. We make online advertising affordable. We provide a cost effective and invaluable marketing tool, enabling local businesses to connect with their ideal target The essential read for people seeking inspirational lifestyle-led content.

Why advertise With In2town Lifestyle Magazine?


Advantages Of Digital Magazine Advertising


There are many advantages of digital magazine advertising, which includes providing an instant campaign direct to your audience.


Digital magazine advertising is a powerful tool for local and national marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is no longer just advertising to people sat at their computer, with more people having smartphones than ever before, digital magazine advertising hits people on the move.

With the increased smartphone usage, more people are now accessing magazines online and reading more while on the move.  According to Magazine Media Factbook 2018, 95% of adults (18-29) read a magazine. This number is higher than Facebook users which is merely 81%. Magazine Media Factbook also said that advertising in magazine media increases sales on both print and digital platforms. Particularly, for a digital magazine, there are advantages for digital advertising.

With our digital magazine advertising, any advert can be designed as creative as possible. Having an ad in print magazine can be limited.

There are no boundaries in reaching more readers globally. We can help you target a local, national, or global audience. Digital Magazine Advertising Allows Ads to be Distributed Instantly


Advertising Options


Sponsored posts

We accept payment for well-written and interesting sponsored posts. By purchasing a sponsored post with In2town Magazine, you are getting in front of a targeted audience. Not only will your sponsored post appear on our lifestyle magazine, it will also be promoted to over 65,000 people on Twitter, and on Facebook and other social platforms including Instagram.

For a sponsored post to be accepted it must be well-written and include images and be of interest to our readers. A sponsored post with In2town Magazine will cost £70. The sponsored post will stay on our magazine permanently.

If you would like more about purchasing a sponsored post with In2town, then please contact and provide details of your article.

Please note: Payment must be made before the post is published.


Product reviews


We are more than happy to review your products. In2town Magazine does not charge for reviewing products. However, if you’re sending a review sample, please be aware that:

– Any coverage we provide will be published to our timescale, and preferred format

– We are not able to guarantee coverage, if you’d like to ensure your product is featured please ask about sponsored posts

– Any samples received will be reviewed without bias and a truthful opinion is given

Note: Any product that is sent to be reviewed will not be returned

For information about sending a product to be reviewed, please contact


Social Media Shout Outs


We have over 64,000 Twitter Followers and a growing audience on Facebook and Instagram. For £30, we will give your product a shout out on Twitter, and we will include for free a shout out on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information on Social Media SHout Outs, please contact


Banner Advertising


We can provide local banner advertising or national banner advertising. All banners must be supplied by you.

The prices for banner advertising with In2town Lifestyle Magazine are as follows:


Local Banner Advertising


Local Home Page – £50 per month

Note: Advertise for six months and pay for four months £300

Advertise for 12 months and pay for eight months £400


Local Banner Advertising for local articles

You can have a banner advert put on a local article for 12-months

Price: £100


National Banner Advertising


National Home Page £100 per month

Note: Advertise for six months and pay for four months £400

Advertise for 12 months and pay for eight months £800


National Banner Advertising for national articles


You can have a banner advert put on a national article for 12-months

Price: £200

For information on Banner Advertising, please contact