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Sale Water Park Visit Manchester Water Park For Fun

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If you have never been to Sale Water Park in Manchester then you are in for a treat, especially in the lovely hot weather. Sale Water Park, which is also known as Trafford Water Park, is located to the south of the city.

Sale Water Park is in an area of natural beauty containing a lake, woodland, meadows, and the River Mersey. For those that like to walk, or like cycling, the Trafford Water Park can be accessed from Chorlton by going through what is known as the meadows. You can walk through the grassy meadows and across Jackson’s Boat Bridge. It really is a lovely walk.

The Manchester Water Park has so much to offer for people of any age. If you just want to go to relax then there are loads of places for you to sit down and watch the world go by. If you like to fish, then the fishing at Sale Water Park is a must. But if you enjoy the thrills of the water, then the Sale Water Sports Centre is just for you. The Manchester Sale Water Park has everything from sailing, jet skis, and water skiing.

Sale Water Park is great no matter what time of year it is, but when the BBC Weather says the sun is coming out, then that is when the Manchester water park comes alive. The car park quickly becomes full, and the Manchester kayaks fans head to the water park for a day of fun.

After a day of fun, then why not head to the Sale Water Park Restaurant (Boathouse Restaurant) and have a nice meal or a nice drink. Or, if you just want to watch all the fun then sit in or outside with a nice book.


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If you do head down to the water park during the summer, and you are going by car, then it is advisable to go early. It can be very hard to get a car parking space at the weekends. So, either go during the week or go early at the weekends.

The kids love Sale Water Park, it provides them with so much entertainment without worrying about the cost. There is so much for them to explore. They can relax by the lake with a picnic or explore the parkland. If they are interested in wildlife, then the Trafford Water Park has it all.


Sale Water Park Opening Times


The Manchester Water Park is open from dawn until dusk.

The Sale Water Sports Centre is open from the morning, and the last hire is at 4 pm. For more details please do contact the Water Sports Centre.

The Boathouse Restaurant (Sale Water Park Restaurant) is open Monday – Friday Lunch 12 pm-2:30 pm and Dinner 5:30 pm – 9 pm, Saturday 12 pm – 9:30 pm and Sunday 12 pm – 8 pm.


Water Sports at Sale Water Park

If you are an expert at water sports, or an amateur and want to fun, then head to the Trafford Water Sports Centre, which is located at Sale Water Park. You can have tester sessions, which include kayaking, sailing, canoeing, or windsurfing.

Don’t worry if you are not a professional water sports person, the team at Trafford Water Sports Centre provide you with instructions.

Trafford Water Park

I love Manchester, but Sale Water Park is the jewel in the crown. The Boathouse Restaurant is just one reason why Manchester Water Park is so popular. You don’t have to be a water sports fanatic to enjoy the lake. The restaurant serves delicious mouth-watering food. It is situated on the lakeside and serves lunch and dinner.


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Sale Water Park Car Park

Sale Water Car Park is free and has around 50 spaces.


Sale Water Park Metrolink Park and Ride

There are 300 parking spaces at the Sale Water Park park and ride facility if you decide to visit the Manchester water park by tram.


How To Get To Sale Water Park

Getting to Sale Water Park is very simple with all the different options available. You can either walk there, jump on a bus, a tram, cycle to the Manchester Water Park, or drive there.

Trafford Water Park is just five miles from the city centre of Manchester.


By car

Getting to Sale Water Park by car is under half a mile from Junction 6 of the M60.


By bus

If you want to go to Sale Water Park by bus then you need to jump on the 23, 23A, or 25 from Trafford Centre.


By tram

A lot of people like to go to Sale Water Park by tram. It is the easiest way to get there. The journey to Sale Water Park by tram from St. Peter’s Square takes about 20 minutes.

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