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The Best Cruise Liners For First Time Cruisers

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A first cruise holiday can be exciting but booking it can be very confusing. Nearly 2 million people take a cruise holiday each year. However, the cruise industry is missing out on millions of more passengers due to a lack of information for first-time cruisers, and confusing and conflicting information on cruise websites and Facebook.

In 2020 we ran a survey to find out why so many people are ignoring the wonderful adventure of a cruise holiday. Here are those results.


25% believed cruise holidays were for rich and posh people

35% said they could not understand what else they would need to pay for while on a cruise holiday

17% could not understand the dining options on some cruise ships

10% Said working out how much to budget for on drinks put them off

5% of people were concerned about Seasickness

5% The lack of information on cruise websites put them off booking a holiday

3% said they did not know the Best Cruises for First-Timers


So, with that survey in mind, I decided to put an article together for first-time cruisers so they could see which the best cruise liners are to choose from when booking a cruise holiday.

best cruise liners

Being a first-time cruiser can be overwhelming. The sheer volume of cruise options available can be bewildering. With so many decisions to make like what type of cruise holiday should I take, or what size ship should I choose, and should I go all-inclusive or full board, can cause a headache.

If you are one of those people looking to book a first cruise holiday, then fear not. I have created a guide on the best cruise liners to choose from. No matter if you are looking for a family or romantic cruise holiday, or a fly-cruise round the Med, or cruises from the UK, I have got you covered.


First Time Cruisers Best Cruise Options


Marella Cruises

best cruise company


I do love Marella cruises. They are the best cruise line for first-time cruisers. TUI knows how to keep their holidaymakers entertained. The TUI company cruise options available include the Marella Discovery, Marella Discovery 2, Marella Explorer, and Marella Explorer 2. My favourite is Explorer and Marella Explorer 2.

Marella Cruise holidays are all-inclusive, just like their TUI holidays. Once you are onboard there is nothing extra to pay unless you decide to go shopping or want to book a specialty restaurant or want branded drinks.

If you are sticking to a budget, then I would recommend a Marella Cruise Holiday. As mentioned, there is nothing else to pay for once you are onboard. That means not worrying about how much you eat or how much you or your family drinks. You can simply get onboard and enjoy your holiday.


Ship Highlights

The Marella ships may not be as new as other cruise liners like P&O but they are all nice cruise ships. They are modern and have everything that you could want onboard a cruise ship including a cinema, things to do for the children, as well as adult activities. And best of all the TUI Company cruises are all-inclusive.


Where do they go?

I would recommend first-time cruisers to go on a Mediterranean cruise. This will give a taste of what life is like onboard while visiting some great destinations, which can include some favourites like Barcelona, Lisbon, and Lanzarote.


Best for Family Cruises

first cruise holiday

Royal Caribbean



Royal Caribbean International is one of the biggest names in the world of cruising. This company cruises have options to suit all budgets and types of holidays.

One thing I do like about this company cruises is how family0friendly they are. Kids will love Royal Caribbean International. Their ships are designed to keep children and their parents entertained every minute o the day. If their cruise ships don’t have it, then truly you don’t need it.


Ship Highlights

Royal Caribbean International has lots of different cruise ships available, including The Jewel of the Seas. Each ship has been designed to give all its passengers the best cruising experience available. They even put on bumper cars on some of their ships. The Anthem, which is one of the popular ships in this company cruise ships fleet offers entertainment and activities that you could only dream of.

This cruise ship offers the largest indoor sports and entertainment complex at sea, which includes bumper cars, video gaming, roller skating, and believe it or not a circus school. With 19 restaurants and 260-degree views from the top of the ship, what is not to like.


Where does it go?

If you choose to go on the Anthem, which is recommended, then you can on Mediterranean and Canary Island cruise holidays.


Best for River Cruises


Viking River Cruises

first cruise


Viking River Cruises are a great option for people who are new to cruise holidays. They have become one of the big names in river cruise holidays. They have a fleet of more than 60 vessels, all of which provide you with a new cruising experience.


Ship Highlights

A river cruise holiday with Viking Cruises, allows you to experience cruising life, as well as allowing you to get your sea legs. One of the biggest reasons why people are scared to try a cruise holiday is due to Seasickness. A river cruise will allow people to get over that fear.

The Viking River cruise holidays allow you to enjoy the luxury of small vessels while allowing you to do as much or as little as you want. If you are not bothered about taking a cruise holiday on a big ship and are a first-time cruiser looking to see if a cruise holiday is for you, then Viking Cruises is a good choice.


Where does it go?

Viking cruises offer some great destinations, including Europe, Russia, and many more great destinations.


So, if you are looking to go on your first cruise, consider what you are looking for in a cruise ship, as well as your budget and how long you want your holiday to last. It is important when going on a cruise holiday to always add 10% to your spending money for emergencies and to take out cruise insurance.

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