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Marella Discovery 2 Review

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I must admit, when I looked at doing the Marella Discovery 2 review for our Cruise Magazine, I didn’t know what to expect. However, this wonderful cruise ship has become my favourite in the TUI range. It’s very relaxed and offers so much for one of the smaller cruise ships on the ocean.

The TUI Discovery 2 which was previously known as Legend of the Seas before joining the TUI cruise fleet comes with a whole host of features which includes lots of bars, restaurants, on-deck movie screen, and a climbing wall.

about marella discovery 2If you are new to cruising, then the Marella Discovery 2 should be your first option. With it being all-inclusive it means there is no need to budget for drinks or buy a drink package. Unlike other cruise ships, there is no gratuities to worry about. So, you can sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy the cruise without worrying about any hidden extras.

marella discovery 2 discountsOne thing I should point out, and all the Cruise Magazine team agree, if you are looking to book the Discovery 2 cruise then wait until around six months or earlier before departure date. The reason for this is the prices do change a lot. Some of our readers have reported the cost of their cruise went down as much as £800, which is a lot of money. So, the later you book the better deal you could gain.


Marella Discovery 2 Dining

discovery 2 dining reviewsThe TUI Discovery 2 has it all. No matter if you love your food or if you are a fussy eater, you can’t go wrong with the restaurants and dining experience on offer.

There is so much to love about the TUI Discover 2 and the dining experience is on top of that list. There are five complimentary restaurants and cafes, and the ship has four speciality venues which require a fee.


Discovery 2 Restaurants

The main restaurant and one of my favourite restaurants on all the cruise ships I have been on is the restaurant 47. It serves traditional dishes with a modern twist by some of the best chefs in the business. Upstairs from restaurant 47 is Gallery 47, which is another stunning dining experience.

A popular restaurant on the TUI Discovery 2 is the Islands buffet restaurant. This is a self-service restaurant where passengers can come as they please. You will truly be spoilt for choice. If you have children who can be fussy eaters then don’t worry, this buffet restaurant has every type of food that children will enjoy.

The colourful Snack Shack serves hot and cold food all day long and even writing this makes me remember of the funniest moment I have experienced while reviewing all-inclusive cruise ships. I was standing behind this man who had ordered some food for four people, when he finished, he asked how much. The assistant behind the counter explained to him that it was free as it was all-inclusive. He replied, “If I knew that I would have ordered more.”

The Glass House is another great place to visit with its selection of daytime snacks, and pizzas and tapas in the evenings.

The Speciality restaurants include Kora La Asian restaurant which serves stunning food, and you also have Surf & Turf steakhouse, and the name speaks for itself. There is an extra fee for these two restaurants.


Is It Worth Upgrading To The Premium Package?

A lot of people go on the Marella forum and ask if it is worth upgrading to the premium package and the simple answer is, can you justify paying £70pp?

The premium drinks package on the TUI Discovery 2 allows you to enjoy premium drinks and personally speaking, it is worth it.


Marella Discovery 2 Onboard Entertainment

discovery 2 entertainment reviewsWhen it comes to the entertainment on board this popular TUI cruise ship, no expense has been spared. They have a whole range of professional shows in the Broadway theatre. One of the funniest shows I have seen in a long time is the Full Monty.

It is obvious TUI have searched high and low for the best entertainment team around. When you hear the voices of some of the singers you do wonder why they are not in the West-End or have not got a record deal.

If you are looking to stay up late and want a bit of a dance, then head up to Bar Eleven nightclub where a DJ will be playing the latest sounds.

TUI has made sure there is entertainment available for people of all ages including a kid’s clubs, mini golf, fitness classes, a gym, to name a few.


Virtual Reality Experience On TUI Discovery 2

virtual reality experience onboard discovery 2One thing children and adults will love about the Thomson Discovery 2 is the Virtual Reality Experience. This is truly an amazing addition to the cruise ship. The virtual Reality Experience transports people into a series of different locations and worlds, virtually of course.

The Discovery 2 Virtual Reality Experience is based on Deck 3 in two studio rooms. You can choose between two activities. In one room, you can be transported into virtual world where you are given special headsets. You could end up swimming with tropical fish or you could be going into battle against space pirate ships. I really did love the Virtual Reality Experience; well done Thomson.

In the second studio there is a photo booth which has been installed with lots of different fun backdrops to create some amazing pictures. You can choose which backdrop you like, which can include being transported to a tropical beach. Once the pictures have been taken you can then have them emailed directly to you.

One thing that I was really surprised at when doing the Discovery 2 review was discovering that both of these activities were free of charge.


Marella Discovery 2 Dress Code


One of the most popular questions people ask about the Discovery 2 cruise ship is about the dress code. They are unsure on what to pack and what not to pack. First of all, the Marella Discovery 2 cruise ship is unlike most other cruise ships on the ocean. This cruise ship has a very relaxed feel about it with no real strict dress code.

Dress Code For Discovery 2 Restaurants

You can wear casual clothing in the Islands buffet restaurant during the day and early evening, and the Snack Shack. The Glasshouse, you can also wear casual clothing. However, if you are sunbathing you are asked to cover up and put a top on.

If you are dining in my favourite restaurants on-board the Discovery 2, which are 47, and Gallery 47, then you are asked to wear what you would wear if you were going out for lunch or dinner. Basically, you are not allowed to wear shorts, swimwear, or vests. Male guests are also asked to wear shoes.

When you are visiting the a la carte restaurants, men are asked to wear shoes, shirt and trousers.

Formal Nights On Marella Discovery 2

The formal nights which are also called dress to impress is a fantastic night on-board the ship. It is great to see people make the effort to dress up to the nines. You will see ladies wearing cocktail dresses and other amazing outfits while the men wear suits and full black-tie outfits. It is also a perfect opportunity to have your picture taken walking down the stairs with you and your loved one looking stunning.

When I did the Marella Discovery 2 review, I found around 90% of the guests dressed up for the dress to impress night.

review of tui discovery 2

As you can see from our Marella Discovery 2 review, this is the perfect ship for those that want value for money and enjoy travelling. Going on a cruise ship is not as expensive as it once was, and if you have never tried a cruise before then this is the perfect ship to try.

When looking to book the Discovery 2, have a look at the ports that it visits, if you want to visit Rome, then make sure it is on the list of ports.

If you have never been on a cruise ship before, then please read our article on cruise ship frequently asked questions. This article will provide you with all the answers you are looking for.

About Discovery 2 Cruise Ship


Marella Discovery 2 was previously named Legend Of The Seal when it belonged to the U.S. line Royal Caribbean International

    Passengers: 1,830

    Crew: 761

    Passenger to Crew: 2.4:1

    Cabins: 915

    Launched: 1996


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