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Great Reasons To Take A Holiday In Croatia

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Why Take A Holiday In Croatia

If you have never thought about taking a holiday in Croatia then let me give you some great reasons to take a holiday in Croatia.

Croatia in recent years has become a holiday hot spot. In 2019 more than 20 million people visiting Croatia for a holiday, and with the new tourist hot spot becoming an Eastern Europe Riviera, tourist official believe that number could reach 25 million within five years.

The popular holiday destination was recently voted as one of the top three most beautiful and affordable holiday destinations. With its miles of sunny beaches, historic monuments, natural beauty, mountains, waterfalls, great food and wine, what’s there not to like about Croatia.


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There are lots of reasons to take a holiday in Croatia, here are just some of them


Beaches in Croatia

why visit croatia

Croatian beaches are known as some of the best in the world. The beaches with the crystal-clear aquamarine water, have put Croatia on the map.

Diving and Snorkelling in Croatia

Reasons To Take A Holiday In Croatia

A really good reason to take a holiday in Croatia is the amazing waters an the water sports available, which inlude snorkelling.

If you are looking for adventures in Croatia, then you are in for a treat. Croatia has it all. If you don’t want to just sit on the beach and get a tan, then how about diving and snorkelling in the Croatia crystal clear waters.

The crystal-clear waters make the visibility perfect for those that like diving and snorkelling. There is no much to see which includes the wrecks of olive oil and wine ships which date back thousands of years, as well as the more recent war ships.

A lot of people take a vacation in Croatia just for the diving and snorkelling experience. There are lots of place to hire equipment and there are also diving schools in Croatia for those that have little or no diving experience.

Sailing, Yachting, Boating in Croatia

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If you love Sailing, then you will love Croatia. You don’t have to own your own boat to enjoy the crystal waters of Croatia. There are lots of places where you can hire boats and arrange day trips to experience the wonderful coast of Dalmatia. It is truly a sailor’s paradise where you will see some beautiful sights including the dramatic cliffs.


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You can charter a catamaran or a yacht to visit the countless scattered islands, where you enjoy some amazing food, views, and great wine.

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

why visit croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park has been described as one of Europe’s best national parks. Local people in Croatia have said they feel Plitvice Lakes National Park is the best in the world. Whoever is right, there is one thing for sure, the Croatian national park is stunning. There is so much to see including stunning waterfalls.

There are lots of walking trails to enjoy the natural beauty, or you can enjoy the breathaking scenery by jumping on the panoramic shuttle bus.

Wine Tours in Croatia

why visit croatia

Croatia is known for its quality wine. For those people who not only enjoy drinking wine but want to see how it is made, then you are in look. There are lots of wine tours available. Taking a wine tour is a great way to enjoy the countryside and meet local people who oversee making the wine. You will be driven through the Croatian wine routes and taken to some of the best vineyard available. And best of all, you will be able to sample some great wine.


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As you can see, there are lots of great reasons to take a holiday in Croatia. Croatia has now become one of the most popular honeymoon spots.

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