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5 Top Underwater Photography and Scuba Dive Destinations Around the World

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Underwater photography is a fun and rewarding way to enhance your diving experience.


Among all the various types of photography from Still Life Photography to Architectural Photography, underwater photography is by far the most exciting and challenging. Over the years, underwater photography has become more popular thanks to nature television shows, the advancement in camera technology, and photography equipment becoming more affordable.

Underwater photography is not just fun and rewarding, it is a great way to enhance your diving experience. Not only can you put together memories of your experience under the ocean, buy you can also share with friends what you have seen and encourage them to take up diving.

I have put together of the five best underwater photography and scuba diving destinations around the world. But, before we look at the best underwater photography destinations, let’s look at five tips for underwater photography beginners.


Tips For Underwater Photography Beginners


  1. Get Comfortable With Your Camera

No matter what camera you are going to use underwater it is important that you are comfortable with it. It doesn’t matter if that is a compact camera or a large DSLR camera, the rules are the same. If you are not comfortable with it out of water, then you will struggle to use it underwater.


  1. Be Confident With Your Camera In The Water

It is important to build confidence in the water with your camera. When you are comfortable with your camera, then as a trial run try using it in the bath or purchase a big paddling pool.

Once you have tried using your camera in the bath or in a paddling pool then go to your nearest beach. Underwater photography and diving are totally different. With underwater photography you have equipment you have to take care of, and you have to be comfortable using it.

Some of the best divers struggle with underwater photography, so before you go booking a luxury diving holiday, make sure you can use your camera underwater.


  1. Understanding light

Underwater photography is so much different than above water. When you go underwater the light is totally different. The water quickly absorbs the light, and you have to be mindful of that fact.

When you are underwater, to get the best pictures you must be nearer to the subject and take the picture quickly. There are lots of books out there that tackle this subject, and it is important to read them.

One tip to combat the loss of colour and the loss of loss is to stay nearer to the top of the water and slow down your shutter speed.


  1. Take A Course in Underwater Photography

I would recommend to anyone thinking of taking up underwater photography to go on a course. They will teach you all the tricks that you need. There are many courses from one evening a week, to weekend courses and even a week’s course.

If you go on a course, then you will be ready for your underwater photography holiday and want come back feeling disappointed with photographs that have not come out correctly.

So, now we have looked at tip for beginners, lets look at the best underwater photography locations.

Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia (aka Truk Lagoon) Scuba Diving and Underwater Photography

best diving destinationsChuuk Lagoon is my first choice for Underwater Photography. It was previously known as Truk Atoll. It is about 1,800 kilometres (1,100 miles) north-east of New Guinea and has become a first favourite with divers and underwater photography fans.



Raja Ampat, Indonesia (aka The Four Kings) Scuba Diving and Underwater Photography

Top Underwater Photography destinationsRaja Ampat is a series of Islands in between the west coast of Papua, Indonesia and the Maluku Islands. Raja Ampat scuba diving and underwater photography is a popular attraction for divers and underwater photographers.



Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Scuba Diving and Underwater Photography

Picture3Galapagos Islands is a popular diving destination for both scuba diving and underwater photography. It has been featured many times in diving publications. The water is great for underwater photography. It is quiet and calm all year around.



Bimini, Bahamas Scuba Diving and Underwater Photography

best underwater photography destinationsBimini, Bahamas offers exotic coral reefs that are bright and colorful which is just perfect for underwater photography. Aside for the reefs, Bimini has coral reef walls, wide range of wreckages and caves that open up the diving opportunity for all.



Rivera Maya, Mexico Scuba Diving and Underwater Photography

Tips For Underwater Photography If you are one of those who likes diving but don’t have the ability or energy to dive for too long, Rivera Maya is the perfect destination for you. Lily pad forest, swimming turtles, underwater dead trees of Rivera Maya water make it the most perfect place for underwater photographers.


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