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Benidorm star unrecognisable 11 Years After Hit Show

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Benidorm Actor Adam Gillen Unrecognisable After Hit Benidorm Show

Actor Adam Gillen looks totally different from when he appeared in the ITV Benidorm Show 11-years-ago.


Over a decade ago, Adam Gillen joined the hit-ITV sitcom, Benidorm, as the hapless character Liam Conroy. Since then, he has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming almost unrecognizable. The 37-year-old actor now sports a beard, trendy outfits, and a youthful appearance, a stark contrast to his fresh-faced character on the show.

In Benidorm, Liam Conroy was introduced as the son of Les Conroy, played by Tim Healy. As the series progressed, Liam became an employee at the Solana, the all-inclusive resort where the show is set. He started as a maintenance worker and later worked with Kenneth Du Beke, played by Tony Maudsley, at his hair salon. The on-screen chemistry between Adam Gillen and Tony Maudsley was evident, and they frequently appeared in scenes together.


A Drastic Transformation: Adam Gillen’s Unrecognizable Appearance

Adam Gillen Benidorm

Fast forward to the present day, and Adam Gillen looks worlds away from his character Liam Conroy. With a beard and a fashionable wardrobe, he has embraced a completely different style. His Instagram account, where he posts regular updates for his 20,000 followers, showcases his new look. Fans of Benidorm could easily scroll past his page without recognizing him, as he has truly undergone a dramatic transformation.


Reunions and Real-Life Love: The Personal Side of Adam Gillen

Adam gillen today

Outside of the Benidorm set, Adam Gillen has maintained relationships with his former co-stars. He reunited with Tony Maudsley, who played Kenneth, during the Christmas holidays in 2021. The pair shared a festive photograph, expressing their joy at spending time together. Their on-screen camaraderie translated into a real-life friendship.

But it’s not just Tony Maudsley that Adam Gillen has remained close to. He has been in a relationship with actress Laila Zaidi for a couple of years. They met on the set of the final series of Benidorm in 2018 when Laila joined the cast as Cyd, the girlfriend of Rob Dawson. The couple continues to astound fans with their adorable snaps on Instagram, often receiving compliments for being a good-looking pair.

Adam gillen girlfriend

Despite the fond memories and enduring popularity of Benidorm, there have been rumours of a potential series 11. However, actress Siobhan Finneran, who played Janice Garvey, poured cold water on these speculations. According to her, the rumours were merely stories that originated from a comedy convention for the show. While she never ruled out the possibility entirely, Siobhan stated that as far as she knew, the show would not be coming back.


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