Tenerife Holiday Village Review – A Great Place For Families

When we looked at doing the Tenerife Holiday Village review, I was not sure what to really expect as some of Thomsons and Frist Choice holiday villages are great value for money, while others are a dissapointment.

On the whole, the Holiday Village hotel is spectacular, when you first enter the hotel you will be amazed by its size and the modern feel. The hotel staff are very polite and cannot do enough for you, just wished the First Choice staff were the same. I am not saying all the First Choice were unhelpful but what I am saying is, if I was going to give a percentage of which First Choice staff were helpful then it would have to be as low as 40 per cent. I know us British like to talk as the old BT ads use to say, but First Choice staff take it a bit too far and unfortunately it is not with the guests. We witnessed which was very much talked about among the guests, on how the First Choice staff liked to stand together and chat.


One of the biggest gripes I have with the Tenerife Holiday Village is the price. When we went to this hotel before it became a holiday village, the price was great, it was a very reasonable price for a top quality hotel but now because it has been turned into a Holiday Village, the price has gone through the roof. If we were not reviewing the hotel for In2town then there is no way we would have paid the shocking price we paid. One thing First Choice need to know, not everyone is a millionaire. In the present climate families are finding it hard to find money for holidays so to charge the shocking price they are charging just because they have changed the name to The Tenerife Holiday Village, it is not on.

‘Tenerife Holiday Village – Great For Families’

Tenerife holiday village review tuiWhen you book into the Tenerife Holiday Village formerly known as Luabay Costa Los Gigantes, one of the great things about this hotel is when you are taken to your room by a golf buggy. I have to say and this is the child in me, I love it when the porter drives at speed down the ramp to take you to your room. This is one of the things that does make this hotel stand out, but the hotel was doing this long before First Choice turned it into the only Tenerife Holiday Village.


Tenerife Holiday Village Rooms

When you get to your rooms you will be amazed, the rooms are very spacious and very modern and unlike a lot of other hotels the beds are very comfortable. If anyone moans about the rooms at the hotel then I will be shocked, I have stayed in hundreds of hotels and the only hotel room that comes close to The Tenerife Holiday Village are the rooms at the Costa Del Sol Holiday Village.

One thing I would say about the rooms is, First Choice is certainly trying to get their money’s worth. The rooms are only really big enough for two adults and two children at the most, but First Choice is claiming that the rooms at the Tenerife Holiday Village will be big enough to have more people in their room.


Tenerife Holiday Village Rooms Are Some Of The Best I have Seen In Their Holiday Village Range


Swimming Pools

The Pools are amazing, the kids and adults alike will love them. In total there are three swimming pools, at what is called the main pool and the busy pool where the First Choice team do all the games, there is a bar where you can get slush puppies, beer and general drink. At the quieter pool which is at the other end of the hotel, you can get something to eat as well as drinks. The hotel has really thought about things when they built it.

The problem at the Tenerife Holiday Village is the sunbeds. When we first reviewed this hotel before First Choice got their hands on it, there was plenty of sunbeds for everyone, but now because First Choice has increased the number of guests who stay here, and if you do not get up early then you have no chance in getting a sunbed. 

First Choice really needs to look at this issue. When they are charging such a huge price they should make sure there are enough sunbeds for everyone. There are not supposed to be any reserving of Sunbeds but that is a big joke. People are getting up early to reserve sunbeds; they are getting up so early they are even bumping into the Germans who are always the first to grab a sunbed.

Another problem and this is not down to First Choice or the hotel but is down to the Spanish and English Guests, rubbish, yes you have heard me right. Unfortunately it seems that the Spanish and English guest do not know where the rubbish bins are. I could not believe how much rubbish was being left around the pools, how hard is it for people to get up and walk to the bin. As I said, it seems to be down to a different type of holidaymaker going to this hotel.

If that was not bad enough then here is something that may put you off going in the pools. While we were there we heard holiday reps mention about kids peeing in the pool and according to some guests as well as what has been reported on Trip Advisor, the pools had to be closed off a few times when children done a poo in them. Now we have never witnessed the pools being closed off but this again does bring into question the type of holidaymaker who is going to this hotel.


 Tenerife Holiday Village Is One Of The Better Ones That Thomson Has On Offer


Tenerife Holiday Village Restaurants

The restaurants at the Tenerife Holiday Village are outstanding. The staff at the restaurants cannot do enough for you, they are all very polite, overworked but still make you feel special.

The food in the restaurant is great; there is so much choice even for the fussy eaters. There is no way you will be able to go into the restaurant and not find something you would enjoy. The Tenerife Holiday Village restaurant is one of the few restaurants I have seen in an all-inclusive hotel where they have so much range, you are really spoilt for choice.


For Families 

Thomson Tenerife Holiday village reviewAs with all Holiday Villages they aim for the families and this hotel is not different. The First Choice staff when they are not too busy chatting with each other does make the kids very happy. The entertainment that is on offer for the children is not just down to First Choice, when we stayed at the hotel when it was the Luabay Costa Los Gigantes, the hotel entertainment team made sure the kids were entertained all day long and nothing has changed.


On offer for families is as follows:

Children’s pool, 2 baby splash pools, Bowling alley, Aerial Adventure, Waterslide open for 2 hours in the morning and afternoon, First Choice kids’ clubs, Crèche, Football Academy, Playground, Mini-disco, Children’s cinema, Games room



As with most hotels, the entertainment can be a hit or a miss but the First Choice team try their best to make sure everyone has lots of fun. We really enjoyed the entertainment that was on offer and if you do not fancy staying in the hotel for the entertainment then you can go into Playa La Arena where there are a few bars that offer entertainment or you could go into Los Gigantes where there are a number of bars, but if you want something special then I would recommend you go into Puerto Santiago where there is an excellent pub called the Courtyard.


Would We Go To The Tenerife Holiday Village Again

I have to be honest and say after reviewing the Tenerife Holiday Village and looking at everything it has to offer, I would go again. However,  the holiday package is overpriced and this needs to be addressed.

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