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Things to Do in the Dominican Republic

More than 7.5 million international tourists visit the Dominican Republic each year, all with one thing in common, and that is looking for things to do in Dominican Republic for the best holiday ever. There are so many places to visit in the Dominican Republic, and I have brought to you some of my favourites.

The Dominican Republic is fast becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations for UK holidaymakers to visit. Some believe within the next ten years Dominican Republic holidays will become more popular than Spanish holidays.

There are many things to do in Dominican Republic and lots of places to visit. The Dominican Republic is more than great hotels, rum bars, and sandy beaches, it also provides much beauty. The landscapes, forest-shrouded waterfalls, countryside, and majestic mountains are some of the most beautiful in the world.

If you are looking for more than sitting on the beach, and more than all the adventures that Dominican Republic has to offer and are looking for amazing places to visit in the Dominican Republic then please read on.

I will bring you some of the most beautiful places to visit in the Dominican Republic, which includes Saona Island, Damajagua Falls, and El Limón Waterfall. In my opinion, these are some of the best things to do in Dominican Republic.


Saona Island (Isla Saona)

Number one on the list of things to do in Dominican Republic is Saona Island (Isla Saona). While on holiday in the Dominican Republic you must visit Saona Island (Isla Saona), you will not regret it.

At 15 miles (25 kilometers) long and three miles (5 kilometers) wide, Saona Island (Isla Saona) is the Dominican Republic’s largest coastal island. It is part of the National Park and has a population of around 300. If you are going to visit Saona Island (Isla Saona) then please do take your camera. There are lots of great pictures to take. Many of those who visit Saona Island (Isla Saona) return again and again.


Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas

Situated on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, Las Terrenas was once a small fishing village and has now become a popular tourist attraction. It is known for its white sandy beaches, clear ocean waters, and pretty landscapes. It is only a two-hour drive from the capital, but if you do not fancy renting a car then don’t worry. There are lots of tours available.  It is a firm favourite of Taylan Evrenler

Here you will find some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic. They include Playas el Portillo and Las Ballenas.

One of the best things I love to do when I travel the world is to go Dolphin Watching. Gibraltar is one of the best places to see Dolphins free in the ocean. However, Las Terrenas is my second favourite place for Dolphin and Whale watching.


Damajagua Falls

Things to Do in the Dominican Republic

Damajagua Falls which is Hidden in a lush Dominican Republic jungle is a magical experience you will never forget. Also known as the 27 Waterfalls of Rio Damajagua or 27 Charcos, the Damajagua Falls is a new tourist attraction. It was not until around 1994 that International tourists started to falls the waterfalls. Now, with lots of different tours each day, it has become popular with people looking for things to do in the Dominican Republic.


Playa Rincon

Things to Do in the Dominican Republic

For those that like history, Playa Rincon is the perfect place to visit in the Dominican Republic. It is rumoured to be one of the two places in the Dominican Republic where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492.

If you are not interested in history and Christopher Columbus, then Playa Rincon is still worth a visit. The soft sandy beach which stretches for almost two miles is one of the best beaches in the world.


Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic places to visit

You cannot visit the Dominican Republic without a visit to the capital. Santo Domingo is the largest city in the Dominican Republic and was first founded in 1496. There are buildings that date back to the 1500s, which includes the cathedral.

There are lots of things to see and do in Santo Domingo which includes a visit to the National Botanical Gardens, The 3 Eyes National Park, or Plaza de España. If you just want to go shopping when visiting the capital, then make sure you take lots of money. There are lots of great shops on offer, and when you have finished shopping, how about visiting some of the many great restaurants.



Dominican Republic places to visit

If you are looking for places to visit in Dominican Republic to get the blood pumping, then you need to visit Cabarete.

Cabarete which was founded in 1835 is a great place to have fun. It was once a small fishing village, but now it attracts people from all over the world. Kite-surfing is very popular here. It is so popular that there are many international competitions held here.

When you visit Cabarete it is hard to believe that it was once a small quiet fishing village. Now it is bursting with tourism with great hotels, restaurants and bars.  There are some lovely beaches to explore and relax on. If sunbathing is not your thing and you do not fancy trying out Kite-surfing, then how about scuba diving. Or maybe you can explore the nearby caves



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