What is It Like Living in Benidorm

What is it like living in Benidorm
Michelle loves her beach walksCredit: Benidormforever facebook

Michelle Baker Reveals What It Is Like Living In Benidorm

Have you ever wondered what it is like living in Benidorm? Michelle Baker who has lived in Benidorm for many years reveals what it is really like.


Living In Benidorm What Is It Really like

Living in Benidorm is a dream come true for many Brits seeking to escape the gloomy weather and high living costs back home. With its warm climate, stunning beaches, and vibrant entertainment scene, it’s no wonder that this Spanish coastal town has become a favourite destination for both tourists and expats alike.

Benidorm, located on the picturesque Costa del Sol, has been a beloved destination for Brits for decades. Its popularity is not only due to its stunning beaches but also the unique blend of British and Spanish cultures that coexist harmoniously within the town. From mouthwatering cuisine to world-class entertainment, Benidorm offers a lifestyle that is truly unparalleled. Let’s dive into the top reasons why living in Benidorm is a slice of paradise.


Top-Notch Cuisine in Benidorm

what is it like living in Benidorm, Spain
Michelle loves her life in SpainCredit: Benidormforever facebook

One of the many perks of living in Benidorm is the incredible food scene. Whether you’re dining out or cooking at home, you’ll find that the local cuisine is a delightful treat for your taste buds. Unlike in the UK, where pre-made meals dominate many restaurant menus, Benidorm’s eateries take pride in serving fresh, homemade dishes. From traditional Spanish delicacies like paella and mussels to international favourites, there is something to satisfy every craving.


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Michelle Baker, a long-time resident of Benidorm, shares her love for the local food scene: “Everything is so fresh here. Unlike in the UK, where meals are often pre-made and portioned, the restaurants and tapas bars in Benidorm make everything from scratch. The added bonus? There are plenty of staff on hand to serve you.”

In addition to dining out, many residents have the luxury of growing their own produce. Michelle proudly boasts about her kitchen countertop filled with avocados she has grown on her property. “We have a bit of land with our house, and I currently have about 50 avocados just waiting to be eaten. My husband keeps telling me to enjoy them, but I can’t resist having avocado with everything!”


Great Entertainment in Benidorm

How to live in Benidorm
Michelle says venues compete with each other to put on the best showsCredit: Benidormforever

Benidorm is renowned for its vibrant entertainment scene. With over 800 bars in town, there is always something exciting happening. What sets Benidorm apart from other destinations is the fierce competition among venues to put on the best shows and offer the most enticing drink deals.

Michelle explains, “If a bar can’t compete with its shows, it will compete with the price of drinks. You can enjoy five or six high-quality shows in a row, with tributes to famous artists like Adele, Queen, and Elton John. And the best part? All this entertainment comes at the price of a beer or cocktail.”

Whether you’re into live music, cabaret, or comedy, Benidorm has it all. The town truly knows how to put on a show and create an unforgettable experience for residents and visitors alike.


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Endless Sunshine in Benidorm

Living in Benidorm what is it like
Michelle and her kids, aged between 25 and nine, have a sun-soaked lifestyleCredit: Supplied

One of the biggest draws of living in Benidorm is the glorious weather. With approximately 320 days of sunshine each year, the town offers a sun-soaked lifestyle that most Brits can only dream of. Michelle’s parents initially started visiting Benidorm over four decades ago, saving up to book the cheapest two weeks in January just to bask in the sun. They eventually fell in love with the place and decided to make it their permanent home.

Michelle recalls, “Growing up, my brother and I struggled financially, as my parents established their bed and breakfast and excursion business. But whenever we complained, our family back in the UK would say, ‘Well, at least you’re poor in paradise,’ reminding us of how fortunate we were.”

Imagine starting your day with a leisurely walk along the beach, watching the sun rise, and knowing that rain won’t spoil your plans. In Benidorm, you can enjoy a weekend BBQ without worrying about the weather—an everyday luxury that residents cherish.


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Embracing the Siesta in Benidorm

The Spanish tradition of the siesta is an integral part of life in Benidorm. The heat during the summer months often makes people feel sleepy, so they naturally succumb to an afternoon nap. Michelle shares her family’s siesta routine: “After our kids come back from summer school at 2pm, we have lunch and then stay indoors until 6pm because it’s too hot to be outside.”

While British tourists often spend their entire day in the sun, locals understand the importance of taking a break and recharging. Michelle adds, “The work-life balance here is great. Everyone takes a little siesta, and walking along the beach at sunset is just lovely. That’s why you see Spanish kids running about at midnight—to let off steam.”

Embracing the siesta not only allows residents to rest and rejuvenate but also creates a sense of tranquillity and balance in their daily lives.


Strong Community Spirit in Benidorm

Unlike some modern societies where people rarely engage in meaningful conversations with strangers, Spain, and particularly Benidorm, still retains a strong sense of community. Walking through the village, you’ll notice that it takes about half an hour to cover a short distance because everyone stops for a catch-up. This friendly atmosphere is reminiscent of Britain in the 1960s, where people would exchange pleasantries and take the time to connect with one another.

Michelle cherishes the opportunity to go to a bar, have a coffee, and engage in a chat. The warm and welcoming nature of the community is a testament to the tight-knit relationships that have formed over the years. In Benidorm, it’s not just about the stunning beaches and beautiful scenery—it’s about the people who make it feel like home.


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Fashionably Spanish

How to live in Benidorm

The Spanish have a distinct fashion sense that sets them apart from other cultures. Their approach to clothing is different, with an emphasis on investing in quality pieces that can be worn repeatedly and paired with different accessories. This mindset creates a polished and fashionable look that can be seen on the streets of Benidorm.

Michelle explains, “Spanish people tend to dress for the month rather than the weather. Even in April, when the summer hasn’t fully arrived, you’ll still see children wearing woolly tights. It’s all about adapting to the season, regardless of the temperature.”

In recent years, the fashion scene in Benidorm has evolved, with international brands like Zara offering a wider range of sizes. This inclusivity reflects the changing attitudes towards body positivity and diversity. The European influence, coupled with the Spanish love for fashion, creates a unique and stylish atmosphere that residents appreciate.


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Discovering the Hidden Gems of Benidorm

While Benidorm is often associated with its bustling tourist areas, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Beyond the iconic skyline and lively beaches lies the Old Town and harbour areas, where you can experience a different side of Benidorm. The charm of these neighbourhoods is often compared to the elegance of Miami, with luxury hotels and stunning properties along the coast.

Poniente Beach, in particular, is a local favourite. Michelle recommends exploring this hidden gem, as it offers a more tranquil and serene atmosphere compared to the bustling tourist spots. The real estate prices in this area are skyrocketing, indicating that the future of Benidorm lies in its hidden treasures.


Fun for the Whole Family in Benidorm

Benidorm is a paradise for families, offering a wide range of activities for all ages. The town boasts incredible theme parks that rival those found in other popular tourist destinations. Terra Mitica, often compared to Alton Towers, offers thrilling rides without the long queues. The competition for tourists is fierce, which means more attractions and less waiting time for residents.

When it comes to water parks, Benidorm doesn’t disappoint. Aqualandia, the busiest water park in the area, offers a plethora of water-based adventures. For a quieter experience, Aqua Natura provides a more relaxed environment where you can keep an eye on the kids while enjoying the whole park at once. And if you’re looking for a unique animal experience, Mundomar animal park allows you to swim with dolphins and witness captivating sea lion shows.


Festivals and Fiesta in Benidorm

Spain is known for its vibrant festivals, and Benidorm is no exception. Each town across Spain has its annual fiesta—a week-long celebration where locals let loose and enjoy themselves. In Benidorm, the fiesta takes place in the second week of November, once most of the tourists have returned home. The festivities include marching bands, parades, fireworks, and a fancy-dress party that attracts thousands of participants.

Michelle shares her excitement about the fiesta: “It’s like Mardi Gras, but without any trouble. Last year, there were 50,000 people at the fancy dress party, and the costumes were simply stunning. If you don’t dress up, you’ll feel a bit out of place! The fiesta ends with a magnificent fireworks display, creating a magical atmosphere that you won’t want to miss.”


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Exceptional Healthcare in Benidorm

Health is a priority for everyone, and Benidorm offers exceptional healthcare services to its residents. In Spain, employers contribute to their employees’ access to the National Health Service (NHS), ensuring that it is well-funded and readily available. Even with a typical monthly wage of around €1,100, the bosses contribute an additional 50% towards healthcare, providing peace of mind for residents.

Michelle emphasizes the ease of accessing healthcare in Benidorm: “If I need a doctor for one of my kids, I can walk into the emergency room and be seen in just 20 minutes. If it’s not urgent, we can get an appointment the next day. Losing your job doesn’t mean losing access to care either—you receive a sick card to continue receiving necessary treatments. For self-employed individuals, paying around £320 a month may seem like a lot, but your health is your wealth.”

It’s worth noting that since Brexit, British residents can no longer use their European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC). However, in case of emergencies, healthcare is still available to them.


Living In Benidorm Gives People A Better Life Than Living In The UK

Living in Benidorm is like stepping into a sun-soaked paradise where the worries of everyday life fade away. From the delectable cuisine to the vibrant entertainment scene, this Spanish coastal town offers a lifestyle that is truly unmatched. With endless sunshine, a strong sense of community, and exceptional healthcare services, it’s no wonder that Benidorm has become a haven for Brits seeking a slice of paradise. So, why not embrace the laid-back lifestyle, soak up the sun, and make Benidorm your home away from home?