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Benidorm Island History

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Benidorm Island: Unveiling its Rich History

The History of Benidorm Island. Have you sat on the beach in Benidorm and wondered what is that big island in front of me. That big island is Benidorm Island which you can visit. Learn more about the history of Benidorm Island


The History Of Benidorm Island

Benidorm Island, located off the coast of Benidorm Beach, is a captivating gem on the Costa Blanca that offers visitors an extraordinary experience. With its scenic beauty, ecological significance, and intriguing history, the island has become a must-visit destination. In this article, we will delve into the captivating history of Benidorm Island, explore the various ways to reach this enchanting place, and provide valuable recommendations for an unforgettable visit.


Legends and Origins of Benidorm Island

Benidorm Island is steeped in legends that add to its mystique and allure. One popular tale suggests that the island is the missing piece of the Puig Campana mountain, which stands majestically behind the city. According to this legend, King James I’s horse accidentally kicked a fragment of the mountain into the sea, thus giving rise to the formation of Benidorm Island.

Another romantic legend revolves around a giant named Roldán, who was deeply in love with a woman named Alda. When Alda passed away due to a curse, Roldán, grief-stricken, removed a piece of the mountain to create an opening for the sun’s rays to illuminate her final resting place. This act supposedly resulted in the formation of Benidorm Island.

While these legends add an element of enchantment to the island’s history, geologists argue that Benidorm Island has a different origin. They believe it emerged from the Serra Gelada Mountains and was later separated from the mainland due to geological processes. Regardless of its true origin, Benidorm Island continues to captivate visitors with its natural beauty and rich history.


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Historical Significance and Pirate Attacks

Throughout history, Benidorm Island has played a significant role in the region. In 1834, the island served as a refuge for those fleeing the cholera outbreak in Benidorm and Villajoyosa. It provided safety and solace to the affected population during a challenging time.

However, the island’s history is not without its dark chapters. Just like Tabarca Island before it, Benidorm Island was a base for pirates who launched attacks on ships and coastal towns. These pirates took advantage of the strategic location of the island to carry out their nefarious activities. It is a reminder of the island’s past and the challenges faced by coastal communities.


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Exploring Benidorm Island: How to Get To Benidorm Island

To embark on a journey to Benidorm Island, there are several options available to visitors. Each offers a unique experience and allows you to immerse yourself in the island’s natural wonders. Let’s explore the different ways to reach this captivating destination:


  1. Boat Tours with Underwater Views

One of the most popular ways to visit Benidorm Island is by joining a boat tour that departs from Benidorm’s port. These tours not only provide stunning views of the island and its surroundings but also offer the opportunity to witness the underwater world through specially designed underwater viewing features. This allows visitors to admire the vibrant marine life that thrives around the island.


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  1. Kayaking Adventure

For those seeking a more active and immersive experience, kayaking to Benidorm Island is an excellent option. Although it requires physical preparation, kayaking allows you to explore the island at your own pace and enjoy the breathtaking views along the way. It is a thrilling adventure that brings you closer to the natural beauty of the island.


    1. Scuba Diving Excursions

For underwater enthusiasts, reaching Benidorm Island by motor boat equipped with scuba diving equipment is an ideal choice. This option offers the chance to explore the island’s mesmerizing underwater world and discover the diverse marine species that call it home. With crystal-clear waters and a fascinating seabed, scuba diving in Benidorm Island promises an unforgettable experience.

Whichever mode of transportation you choose, arriving at Benidorm Island is just the beginning of an extraordinary adventure.


Unveiling Benidorm Island’s Hidden Treasures

how to get to Benidorm Island

Once you set foot on Benidorm Island, a world of natural wonders awaits you. The island’s diverse flora, fauna, and captivating landscapes provide endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Here are some recommendations to make the most of your visit:


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  1. Protect Yourself from the Sun

Benidorm Island offers minimal shade, so it’s crucial to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays during your visit. Apply sunscreen suitable for your skin type and wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from UV radiation. Remember to stay hydrated and seek shade whenever possible to avoid overexposure to the sun.


  1. Dive into the Island’s Marine Depths

Don’t miss the chance to explore the underwater world surrounding Benidorm Island. With the right fins, you can enjoy free diving and effortlessly circle the island, marveling at its rich marine life. It is advisable to dive with a partner or in a group for safety and to enhance the overall experience.


  1. Discover the Island’s Fauna with Diving Goggles

When venturing into the island’s marine depths, diving goggles are essential. They allow you to witness the abundance of autochthonous species that inhabit the waters surrounding Benidorm Island. Prepare to be amazed by the vibrant and diverse marine ecosystem that thrives in this unique natural setting.


  1. Wear Suitable Footwear for Exploration

As you navigate the island’s trails and encounter rocky obstacles, wearing suitable footwear is crucial. Diving boots provide the best protection and adaptability to any surface, minimizing the risk of unnecessary injuries. If diving boots are unavailable, opt for comfortable sports footwear that allows you to explore the island with ease.


  1. Choose the Right Attire

When visiting Benidorm Island, it is essential to wear appropriate clothing for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Opt for lightweight and breathable attire, such as a t-shirt and sports shorts, to facilitate movement around the island. Additionally, if you plan on diving or snorkeling, consider bringing a diving suit or renting one from specialized aquatic equipment providers.

With these recommendations in mind, you are well-prepared to embark on a remarkable journey to Benidorm Island, where nature’s beauty awaits.


Benidorm Island’s rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and captivating legends make it a destination worth exploring. From its origin stories to its role as a refuge during challenging times, the island offers a glimpse into the past while providing an immersive experience in its natural wonders.

Whether you choose a boat tour with underwater views, embark on a kayaking adventure, or dive into the island’s marine depths, Benidorm Island promises an unforgettable experience. Remember to protect yourself from the sun, come prepared with the right equipment, and make the most of your visit to this enchanting destination.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into Benidorm Island’s history and embark on a journey that will leave you with lasting memories.

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