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Do I Need Travel Insurance For Domestic Travel?

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Do I Need Travel Insurance For Domestic Travel has become one of the most asked questions for people taking staycations. Since the COVID19 pandemic our holidays abroad have been swapped with staycations, leaving some people confused if they need travel insurance.

Travel insurance for holidays abroad is so important. It allows us to go abroad and not worry about medical bills, cancellations, and even theft. Sadly, more than 8 million holidaymakers each year fail to purchase travel insurance, resulting in some of those people being forced to pay out thousands of pounds in medical bills.

So, with staycations do I need travel insurance for domestic travel? The answer is yes. I personally would recommend purchasing domestic travel insurance because it offers so much more than medical cover.


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I know a lot of people think we have the NHS so why should I buy travel insurance for domestic travel, but look at the other things that a domestic travel policy covers?

In 2020 the world was turned upside down with the COVID19 pandemic. Millions of holidays were cancelled, people were forced to self-isolate, and those without travel insurance in the UK and abroad lost money.


What Does Domestic Travel Insurance Policy Cover?


UK travel insurance provides cover for people going on a staycation. It covers a whole host of problems that people may encounter.

A domestic travel insurance policy covers:

Cancelling or cutting short your trip: This includes if you need to cancel a trip in the UK or having to cut it short due to an emergency

Lost, stolen, damaged or missing personal belongings: If your belongings are damaged, misplaced, or stolen during a staycation, or if they do not arrive in one piece then you will be entitled to make a claim.

Travel Delays: If you book transport in advance including coaches, trains, planes and ferries, and that transport is delayed, then your domestic travel insurance policy will you cover you.

Personal liability: This type of cover provides you with protection for any legal costs that may result from you injuring someone or if you damage their belongings.


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So, the simple answer to do I need Travel Insurance for Domestic Travel, the answer is yes.

When looking to purchase travel insurance for domestic holiday in UK, it is important to compare the prices. Travel insurance comparison sites are a great way to find the best deal. However, don’t make the mistake millions of people make each year when looing for the best domestic trip insurance. That mistake is only using one travel insurance comparison site.


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What travel insurance comparison sites tell you is, they don’t show you all the results. With them being paid commission on each policy they sell; they can be a bit one sided and show you the results that provide them with the highest commission. So, it is important to use three or four comparison sites to get the best deal.


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