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Rediscover Aberdeen With Aberdeen Magazine

Aberdeen, Scotland is like no other place in the world. Aberdeen is a vibrant, creative and ambitions city that has something for everyone. Its historic charm and friendly people make’s Aberdeen stand out.

Discover what’s on in Aberdeen and the things to do in Aberdeen with our Aberdeen Magazine to appreciate what this amazing city has to offer. Aberdeen is a vibrant world-class city, rich in social and culture history. With the local newspapers in Aberdeen, and our own Aberdeen magazine, you can discover all the wonderful things that are on offer.

For people not living in Aberdeen, Scotland and only visiting Aberdeen then you are in for a treat. The people living and working here offer visitors a warm reception. From having a coffee on an Aberdeen street, to staying in an Aberdeen hotel, or even going shopping in Aberdeen, you will be treated with love and affection.

Aberdeen is the third-largest city in Scotland, United Kingdom, with a population of over 220,000.

Our Aberdeen Magazine aims to celebrate Aberdeen as well as bring you lifestyle news and issues from around the world. Keep reading our Aberdeen lifestyle magazine for the latest celebrity interviews, travel advice, holiday ideas, and so much more.