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ITV Thrilled As Holly Willoughby Makes Returns To Dancing On Ice

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Holly Willoughby Returns to Dancing On Ice with New Co-Host

Some sources at ITV have said they are hoping that with Holly Willoughby return to Dancing on Ice, it may result in her reconsidering her future with a possibility of returning to ITV This Morning


Holly Willoughby is set to make her highly anticipated comeback next month as a host on the hit ITV show Dancing On Ice. After a period of deliberation and speculation, fans can now rejoice as Holly is confirmed to be returning to our screens on January 14th for the latest series of the popular figure skating show.

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This news comes as a relief to many, as Holly had taken a break from her role as the anchor of This Morning back in October due to concerns over an alleged plot to kidnap and murder her.

Joining Holly Willoughby as her new co-host on Dancing On Ice is the talented Stephen Mulhern. The dynamic duo has worked together before, making them a formidable team for the upcoming season.

Fans of the show will remember that last year’s series saw ex-British artistic gymnast Nile Wilson and Olivia Smart emerge as the triumphant winners, with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby announcing the exciting news.

However, following Schofield’s unexpected departure from ITV in May due to an affair with a This Morning colleague, speculation was rife about who would take over his role on Dancing On Ice this season.

Rumours had been circulating that Holly Willoughby might not be returning to Dancing On Ice in January, as she had been keeping a low profile since leaving her role on This Morning.

However, after much consideration, Holly has finally made her decision and is ready to step onto the ice rink once again. An insider revealed that ITV is delighted to have Holly back and that she will enjoy working with Stephen Mulhern, who is also a good friend of hers.

Katie Rawcliffe, the Head of Entertainment Commissioning at ITV, expressed her excitement about reuniting Holly and Stephen for Dancing On Ice, stating, “Holly and Stephen are two of our best-loved presenters, so reuniting them twenty years after they first appeared on screen together to host Dancing on Ice marks the start of an exciting year for the show.”

Rawcliffe further added that this year’s series will celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Holly and Stephen’s first collaboration on Ministry of Mayhem. With their wealth of experience in the industry, Willoughby and Mulhern are expected to bring their unique charm and chemistry to the show.

Dancing On Ice is a high-octane skating show that showcases the talents of celebrities as they compete to become the champion of the ice.

Alongside Holly Willoughby and Stephen Mulhern, the show will feature a panel of esteemed judges, including Torvill and Dean, Ashley Banjo, and Oti Mabuse. With their expertise and passion for the art of figure skating, the judges will provide valuable insights and critiques to the contestants, ensuring a thrilling and entertaining viewing experience for the audience.

Holly Willoughby’s decision to take a break from Instagram her role on This Morning came after she learned of an alleged plot to harm her.

In October, she shared a heartfelt statement on her account, announcing her departure from the show after 14 years. Willoughby expressed her gratitude to everyone who had been a part of her journey on This Morning and thanked the viewers for their loyalty and support. While it was undoubtedly a difficult decision for her, she felt it was necessary for the well-being of herself and her family.

Holly Willoughby’s return to Dancing On Ice is significant not only for the show’s fans but also for ITV. The network had been preparing a contingency plan in case Holly decided not to return.

¬†They had reportedly considered assembling a team of presenters to fill the void left by Holly’s absence. However, with Stephen Mulhern now confirmed as her co-host, ITV can rest assured that they have a winning team for the upcoming season.

Stephen Mulhern’s appointment as the replacement for Phillip Schofield was strategic on ITV’s part. They believed that having Stephen, who has worked alongside Holly for decades and is adored by viewers, would increase the likelihood of her returning to the show.

Their friendship and shared history in the television industry will undoubtedly provide a sense of comfort and familiarity for Holly as she steps back into the limelight.

Holly Willoughby’s return to Dancing On Ice marks a new chapter in her career. Her decision to come back to television demonstrates her resilience and determination to continue doing what she loves despite the challenges she has faced.

Fans of Holly can look forward to seeing her infectious enthusiasm and warm personality back on their screens as she guides viewers through the exhilarating world of figure skating.

The upcoming series of Dancing On Ice promises to be an exciting one, with Holly Willoughby and Stephen Mulhern at the helm.

Their on-screen chemistry, combined with the talent and dedication of the contestants, will make for a captivating and unforgettable viewing experience. As the show celebrates its 20th anniversary, Dancing On Ice continues to captivate audiences with its dazzling performances and thrilling competition.

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