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Skegness TEC Campus Becomes A Reality


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The new Skegness Tec Campus will be provide a furhter education establishment for local people.

Great news for Skegness. Work has now begun on the new Skegness Tec which will not only bring much needed jobs to the area but will also provide people living in and near Skegness a local further education campus.

Many believed the Skegness Tec campus would not happen, but with a £14 million government-funded Connected Coast Town Deal, the people of Skegness will no longer need to travel out of the area to advance their education.

Ann Hardy, CEO of TEC Partnership, commented: “I am delighted that construction is underway on our new Skegness Learning Campus.

“It is going to be great to see our designs and plans become a reality.

“The new learning campus will bring with it a broad curriculum and new opportunities for the community of Skegness.”

The new Skegness Tec Campus will provide a range of courses that include construction, engineering, hospitality, tourism, digital, and more.


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Chris Baron, Chair of Connected Coast, commented: “It is fantastic to see work now underway on the Learning Campus, a development set to be genuinely transformational for local people, offering access to training in much-needed subjects in Skegness.

“The Learning Campus is Connected Coast’s flagship Town Deal, and it has the potential to be an economic game changer for the area, allowing people to gain the skills and knowledge they need to get the jobs they want.

“The start of work is a hugely significant milestone, and I look forward to seeing this exciting new facility come out of the ground over the coming months, ready to welcome students in 2025.”

Although the Skegness campus is a major step forward for Skegness, residents want to see more developments, more investment, and more jobs. That includes the local council attracting big names to Skegness including a Primark.

The nearest Primark to Skegness is in Lincoln and Grimsby. Many believe by bringing a Primark to Skegness would not only generate new jobs but would also boost tourism to the area.

Although residents are pleased money is finally being invested in the area, there is still a lot of work to be done until Skegness can be proud to say it is an area that provides job opportunities for people of all ages.


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