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Harry and Meghan Want To Spend Christmas With King Charles

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Harry and Meghan’s Christmas Plans: Will They Be Invited to the UK?

According to insiders, Harry and Meghan would love to spend Christmas with King Charles but have not yet received an invitation.


As the holiday season approaches, all eyes are on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to see if they will be joining the royal family in the UK for Christmas.

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Harry shocked the world when he released his book and hit out at his family, but it seems now that Harry wants to make amends.

According to insiders, Harry and Meghan have expressed their desire to spend more time with King Charles, who has never spent a Christmas with their children, Archie and Lilibet.

While the couple had a tumultuous departure from royal life, they see this as an opportunity to reconnect with the family. However, as of now, no official invitations have been extended to Harry and Meghan for the holiday season.

In a recent phone call, Harry reached out to his father to wish him a happy 75th birthday. During the call, Harry even shared a heartwarming video of Archie and Lilibet singing “Happy Birthday” to their grandfather.

Sources close to the Sussexes have hailed this call as a potential “turning point” in their relationship with the royal family.

Following their move to the United States, Harry and Meghan no longer have a formal residence in the UK. As a result, if they wish to stay with the royal family on “protected property,” they reportedly need a “formal invitation.”

Their previous residence, Frogmore Cottage, was ordered to be vacated by King Charles earlier this year. This requirement for a formal invitation adds another layer of complexity to their Christmas plans.

Earlier this year, when Harry returned to the UK for a charity event commemorating the anniversary of the Queen’s death, he requested to stay on the royal estate.

However, his request was refused, leaving him without the option to stay on the property. This decision further underscores the need for a formal invitation if Harry and Meghan are to spend Christmas with the royal family.

In addition to the challenges surrounding their Christmas plans, Harry is currently involved in a legal battle with the Home Office.

The battle centres around the Home Office’s decision to remove Harry’s police bodyguard when he is in the UK, despite his offer to pay for the service. This ongoing legal battle adds another layer of tension to Harry’s potential visit to the UK.

Despite the hurdles they face, Harry and Charles plan to speak again this week, with the hope that a Christmas invitation may be extended.

The Sussexes are eager to spend time with the royal family during the holiday season and continue rebuilding their relationship. However, as of now, the situation remains uncertain.

Although sources have claimed Harry and Meghan want to spend Christmas with King Charles, the chances of that happening are very slim.

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