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Lives Lost With Broken NHS


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The Tory Government has broken The NHS

The Labour Party is set to win the next General Election by a landslide due to wasted money and a broken NHS.


With an election on the Horizon, Conservative MPs are fearing for their future after it has been predicted the Conservative Party will be defeated with heavy losses.

According to recent predictions, the Labour Party is set to win the next General Election by a landslide with almost 60 Conservative MPs throwing in the towel instead of trying to win their seats back.

One of the main reasons why people have lost faith in the Conservative Party is due to a broken NHS. Rishi Sunak and the Conservative party have been accused of false promises and a lack of respect for the hardworking NHS team.

At a time when Rishi Sunak needs the country onside, it has now been reported that more than 250 people per week are losing their lives due to extended A&E waiting times.

This shocking figure has left people wondering what has happened to all the promises of new hospitals and huge investments to cut down waiting times and speed up A&E Waiting times.


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According to the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM), a significant number of patients are experiencing extended waiting times for hospital beds, despite promises from the government to improve performance.

According to records obtained through Freedom of Information requests made by the RCEM, it was discovered that 65% of individuals who remained in the emergency department for 12 hours or longer were doing so due to a lack of available beds.


During our research, we found that patients in Lincolnshire have been left waiting in A&E for more than 24 hours, with one person being left in Scunthorpe Hospital for nearly 48 hours waiting for a bed.

One patient who did not wish to be named had to wait more than 24 hours for a bed at Grimsby Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital while another patient had to wait nearly 48 hours for a bed at Scunthorpe hospital.

Patients at Boston Pilgrim Hospital and Lincoln County Hospital are having similar problems where patients have been forced to wait more than 12 hours to see a doctor and even longer to be admitted.

According to previous studies, an estimated one death occurs for every 72 individuals who spend between eight to 12 hours in an Accident and Emergency (A&E) department,

According to the RCEM, there has been an observed increase of approximately 268 deaths per week on average in 2023 due to delays, as reported by the NHS Trust and Health Secretary Victoria Atkins. This amounts to a total of nearly 14,000 excess deaths. It is estimated that approximately 5,000 individuals pass away in English hospitals each week.

Boris Johnson made a promise to build 40 new hospitals but like most promises by a Tory Government, that promise has been broken.

For many years, Skegness has been crying out for a new hospital instead of patients needing to go to Boston Pilgrim Hospital to be admitted. However, instead of major investments into the NHS, it seems hospitals in Lincolnshire and around the country are being forced to run on a tight budget.

Patients are fed up with all the promises the Government has made and all the lives being lost due to NHS waiting times and the lack of ambulances. But it’s not just patients who are fed up. More than 40,000 nurses left the NHS last year after feeling undervalued and shocked at the lack of investment in the NHS.

Questions are being asked how the Government can afford to spend more than 6 million a week on housing migrants, but they cannot afford to invest in the NHS.

We asked one hundred people in Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Cleethorpes, Lincoln, Boston, and Skegness if they would be voting for the Tory Party at the next General Election. 84 people said no. 10 people said they would not be voting at the next General Election due to not trusting the Conservative Party or the Labour Party. Six people said they had not decided who to vote for.

When asked if they thought the Conservative Party had let down the NHS 96 people said yes. However, 73 people said that when Labour was last in power, they also let down the NHS.

92 of the people we spoke to have said they want to see fixing the NHS become the main priority of the next Government that enters Number 10.

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