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Kate Middleton Cannot Forgive Harry and Meghan

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The Royal Feud: Kate Middleton’s Unforgiving Stance Towards Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Kate Middleton is not ready to forgive Harry and Meghan. While Harry and Meghan hope for an invitation to spend Christmas with King Charles, it seems that not everyone would be happy to see them.


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Kate Middleton who feels betrayed by Harry and Meghan is “not ready” to forgive her brother-in-law and his wife it has been claimed by insiders and experts.

At the start of the year, Prince Harry released his much-anticipated memoir, “Spare,” which shed light on the inner workings of the royal family. Kate Middleton is said to still be shocked and deeply hurt by the book.

In this explosive tell-all, Harry made several scathing claims about his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, and his brother, Prince William.

According to Harry, Kate sent a text to Meghan on the week of their wedding, expressing concern about a problem with Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid outfit. This allegedly left Meghan in tears, causing significant tension within the family.

Harry’s memoir also revealed an uncomfortable encounter between Meghan and Prince William. He claimed that during their first meeting, William “recoiled” from Meghan’s hug, setting the tone for a less-than-amicable relationship between the two couples.

Harry detailed a physical altercation between himself and William in 2019 while he was residing in Nottingham Cottage. These revelations undoubtedly added fuel to the already fiery feud.

According to insiders and experts, Kate Middleton is far from ready to forgive her brother-in-law and his wife. Reports suggest that she remains deeply hurt by Harry’s “brutal attacks” and has no desire to communicate with either Harry or Meghan.

Throughout the years, Kate has often played the role of peacemaker within the royal family. However, the relentless onslaught of revelations and public scrutiny seems to have pushed her to take a step back and reassess her position.

Royal commentator Jennie Bond acknowledged Kate’s previous efforts as a peacemaker but expressed doubt about the possibility of an olive branch being extended from either side in the near future.

Bond noted that Kate has been particularly affected by Harry’s decision to disclose intimate details of their disagreements in his memoir. The accumulation of these incidents has left Kate feeling upset, hurt, and insulted, prompting her to distance herself from the ongoing conflict.

Insiders close to the royal family claim that Kate has no intention of engaging in communication with Harry and Meghan at this time.

The gravity of the situation and the depth of hurt experienced by Kate have made it impossible for her to consider reconciliation. While Prince William reportedly hopes for an improved relationship with his brother, the two are not currently on speaking terms. The future of their relationship remains uncertain.

As the royal family approaches the festive season, the hope for a thawing of tensions lingers in the air. However, the wounds inflicted by Harry’s memoir and the subsequent fallout seem far from healed, particularly for Kate Middleton.

The public can only speculate on the course this feud will take and whether forgiveness and reconciliation will ever be achieved.

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