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TV star Ross Kemp Visits Wolds Wildlife Park

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Eastenders Star Ross Kemp Explores The Popular Horncastle Wildlife Park

Ross Kemp who previously filmed at Wolds Wildlife Park as part of his documentary returned this month with his family for a private tour.


Ross Kemp who has previously visited Wolds Wildlife Park near Skegness and Boston as part of his ITV documentary ‘Britain’s Tiger Kings returned to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park for a private tour.

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During his visit, Ross Kemp had the opportunity to explore the wonders of the Horncastle Wildlife Park. Joined by his wife and three children, Kemp was left awe-inspired by the park’s diverse array of animals and the progress it has made since his involvement in the documentary.

Tracy Walters and Andrew Riddel, the owners of Wolds Wildlife Park, graciously extended a warm welcome to the Kemp family, offering them a private tour of the premises before opening it to the public.

One particular animal that captured Kemp’s heart was the Indian leopard named Mowgli. This majestic creature left a lasting impression on the renowned actor.

Ross Kemp commended the park’s dedication to conservation efforts and the improvements made since his last visit. Since the airing of ‘Britain’s Tiger Kings’, Wolds Wildlife Park has expanded its offerings, introducing new enclosures and welcoming tigers, hyenas, a snow leopard, and black Saki monkeys.

Furthermore, the park has added an indoor seating area and an ice cream parlour, providing visitors with additional amenities.

Wolds Wildlife Park owners Andrew Riddel

Tracy Walters, co-owner of Wolds Wildlife Park, expressed her admiration for Ross Kemp’s genuine enthusiasm and humble nature.

Despite his fame and high-profile status, Kemp proved to be down-to-earth and family oriented. His visit to Lincolnshire was not only an opportunity to reconnect with friends but also a chance to explore the wonders of the Horncastle Wildlife Park.


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Tracy described Kemp as a “lovely man” who appreciated the progress made by the park since his involvement in the documentary.

The private tour allowed Kemp and his family to witness firsthand the dedication and hard work invested in maintaining the park and its inhabitants.

Tracy and Andrew were delighted to have the opportunity to share their passion for wildlife with such a notable figure. Kemp’s visit served as a testament to the park’s commitment to conservation and the strides it has taken to provide an enhanced experience for visitors.

Ross Kemp’s connection to the Horncastle Wildlife Park began in September 2020 when he embarked on a two-part documentary titled ‘Britain’s Tiger Kings’.

This captivating series shed light on the world of big cats and explored the challenges faced by those dedicated to their conservation. During the filming, the park faced the unfortunate loss of nine-year-old Syas, a beloved tiger. However, the park has since welcomed two new tigers, symbolizing hope and resilience.

The documentary, which aired on ITV in March 2021, garnered significant attention and praise from viewers. Tracy Walters and Andrew Riddel, the park’s owners, have maintained a close relationship with Ross Kemp since the documentary’s release.

Their ongoing communication and friendship led to Kemp’s recent visit to Horncastle, where he was able to witness the park’s progress firsthand.

While the private tour provided a unique experience for Ross Kemp and his family, the Horncastle Wildlife Park is eagerly anticipating its official reopening to the public.

After temporarily closing its doors, the park is set to welcome visitors once again on March 29th. Tracy and Andrew have worked tirelessly to ensure that the park offers a safe and enjoyable environment for all guests.


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In addition to the existing attractions, the park now boasts new enclosures and a variety of animals, providing an even more immersive experience.

Visitors can marvel at the magnificent tigers, observe the playful antics of the hyenas, and be captivated by the grace of the snow leopard.

The park’s expansion also includes the addition of a teepee indoor seating area and an ice cream parlour, allowing visitors to relax and indulge during their visit.



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