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Labour MP Kate Osamor Suspended for Holocaust Memorial Day Post

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MP Kate Osamor Suspended After Holocaust Educational Trust Had Condemned Her Post

Labour MP Kate Osamor’s causes controversial with her post on Holocaust Memorial Day. Accusing Israel of genocide in her remarks, Osamor faced widespread criticism and allegations of disrespect towards survivors of the Holocaust.


On the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, Labour MP Kate Osamor found herself at the centre of a storm of controversy.

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Kate Osamor’s comments accusing Israel of committing genocide in a post on her website sparked outrage and led to her suspension from the Parliamentary Labour Party pending an investigation.

The remarks, which she has since deleted, were seen as a painful insult to survivors of the Holocaust and drew condemnation from various organizations.

In her post, Osamor referred to Holocaust Memorial Day as an international day to remember the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust, as well as the millions of other people who were killed under Nazi persecution and in more recent genocides such as those in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Gaza.

She included a photograph of herself signing the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment, which further intensified the backlash.

The Holocaust Educational Trust swiftly condemned Osamor’s post as “disgusting” and a distortion of the truth.

Chief Executive Karen Pollock stressed the importance of MPs displaying decency, respect, and a basic understanding of history on Holocaust Memorial Day.

She said: “We welcome MPs from all political parties to pay their respects on Holocaust Memorial Day to the six million Jewish men, women and children murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators by signing our Book of Commitment in Parliament.

“If Kate Osamor cannot display decency, respect and a basic understanding of history then she is not welcome to join us. This disgusting post is a malicious distortion of the truth, a painful insult to survivors of the Holocaust and particularly distressing to see on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day.”

The Board of Deputies of British Jews also expressed their condemnation of Osamor’s attempt to link the Holocaust to the current situation in Gaza.

Following the mounting criticism, the Labour Party suspended Osamor from the Parliamentary Labour Party pending an investigation.

The suspension was confirmed by party Chief Whip Sir Alan Campbell. Momentum, a grassroots organization within the Labour Party, criticized the decision to suspend Osamor, calling it “outrageous” and demanding an immediate reversal.

This is not the first time Kate Osamor has found herself embroiled in controversy. In 2018, she resigned from Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet after throwing a bucket of water over a journalist. The incident occurred after her son was convicted of possessing drugs worth £2,500 at a festival.

The timing of Osamor’s post coincided with an order from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) directing Israel to take all measures to prevent genocidal acts in Gaza.

While this ruling is unrelated to Osamor’s comments, it added fuel to the already heated debate surrounding her post.

Despite the widespread condemnation, Kate Osamor has received some support. Momentum, known for its support of Jeremy Corbyn and left-wing policies, publicly criticized her suspension and called for its reversal.

However, such support is not unanimous, and many within the Labour Party and the wider community have expressed their disappointment and outrage over her comments.

With Labour hoping to win the next General and take back Lincolnshire which includes Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Skegness, and Lincoln which has been a stronghold for the Conservative party, this latest shocking embarrassment could result in Labour’s downfall.   

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