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APH Manchester Airport Parking Review

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The Manchester Airport Car Parking Service Everyone Should Use

My APH Car Parking review at Manchester Airport surprised me. The service allowed me to feel relaxed with a great price.


I love everything about going on holiday from the excitement of finding the best deal and booking the holiday to jumping on the plane and arriving at my hotel or cruise ship. But the things I hate about going on holiday is the hassle of queuing up at check-in and going through security control, and not to mention airport parking.

Is it just me who hates the process of booking airport parking and going from the car park to the airport? It always seems a load of hassle from trying to find a good deal, checking all the reviews, and lets me honest, some airport parking companies have a lot of bad reviews, to finding one that is trusted. That was until I tried APH Manchester Airport Parking.

In September I was due to go by train to Manchester Airport. Over the years I have started to use trains to Manchester Airport instead of airport parking. That is due to the negative experiences that I have had over the years.

My previous experience of Manchester Airport parking companies is high prices, struggling to find a parking space, and long waits for the bus to take me to the airport. On some previous occasions I have experienced unhelpful, and I would go as far to say as rude staff. That is why I was apprehensive when it was suggested I put my previous bad experiences to bed and try APH Manchester Airport Parking.

I jumped in my Nissan Qashqai and drove to Manchester Airport. To be honest, driving to an airport gives you more freedom. It allows you to decide what time to leave, and it can be so much cheaper than jumping the train.

Still feeling apprehensive about using an airport car parking company at Manchester Airport I arrived at APH car park, which is based at Bradnor Rd, Sharston Industrial Area, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 4TE. Arriving at the car park brought back some memories as a kid I would ride through Sharston, Wythenshawe to go and watch the planes take off.

Manchester airport car parking review

My wife and I drove up to the gate where the barrier quickly lifted. There was no need to worry about finding a car parking space as we were told to park our car near the office for them to take it to its designated car parking space. How easy it that?  It was such a huge relief that I didn’t after waste a load of time driving around the car park looking for a space.

After unloading our luggage, we walked a few seconds to the office where we were met with friendly staff. To be honest this was a huge surprise on many fronts, mainly because it was early in the morning, and secondly some of the Manchester Airport parking companies we have used the staff acted like they didn’t want to be there.

The staff at APH Car Parking were very friendly, and after handing over our keys and being told about the procedure of when we arrive back at Manchester Airport, we jumped on a waiting bus. The bus driver who was very funny and chatty was helping people with their luggage which was a lovely surprise. I remember saying to my wife on the bus that I felt like I was in another world. My positive experience with APH car parking was like nothing I have ever experienced before.

When you go to the airport you want to feel relaxed and enjoy the experience. Normally, when I use an airport car parking company, I am stressed by the time I get to the check-in desk which has a knock-on effect when going through security, which I must add, why do I keep getting stopped. But after using APH Car Parking at Manchester Airport I felt relaxed.

After having a wonderful holiday, the experience of picking up my car was just as relaxing as dropping it off. We did not have to wait long for the bus to arrive, and as soon as we got off the bus our car was ready and waiting. A real bonus was our car had been washed.

I could not fault APH Car Parking, my experience from making my booking to arriving at the car parking facilities to being transported to the airport was amazing. And another bonus was the information provided by the bus driver on the way back. He informed everyone on the bus about which roadworks were in place so we could avoid them on the motorway.

One bit of important information I would like to add is don’t waste time going through airport car parking comparison sites. If you want a professional car parking service at Manchester Airport, and want to get a great price then go direct through APH car parking (https://www.aph.com)


APH Manchester Airport Car Pak Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is APH Manchester Airport Car Parking?

  • APH Manchester Airport Car Park is located at Bradnor Rd, Sharston Industrial Area, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 4TE

How Often Do The APH Airport Parking Transport Buses Run?

  • The airport transport bus runs every fifteen minutes 24 hours a day

How Long Does It Take From APH Manchester Airport Car Park to Manchester Airport?

  • Transfers to Manchester Airport from the APH car park take around 10 minutes.

Does APH Car Parking At Manchester Airport Have Disabled Facilities?

  • There are disabled toilets at the APH Manchester Car Park and staff are on hand to help passengers put their suitcases on the bus. The buses are also wheel chair friendly?

Do You Need To Leave Your Keys At Manchester Airport APH Car Parking?

Yes! One of the great things about APH Car Parking at Manchester Airport is you don’t have to take your car keys with you. Your car keys are left with APH car parking until you arrive back from holiday.

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