Relationship Advice Expert Says Your Marriage Can Be Saved

save your marriage

Are you in a relationship and things are going wrong, are you thinking about looking for a cheap divorce lawyer for divorce advice and to put an end to your marriage, before you start divorce proceedings and throw away your marriage, stop and think what you are doing.

Too many people in a marriage look for a quick divorce when things go wrong and look for cheap divorce lawyers to help them end their marriage, but according to our own Relationship Advice editor, you can put your Quick Divorce ideas on hold and work together to see if you can save your marriage.

Every marriage goes through problems just like any relationship, if we all ran at the first hurdle then over 70% of married people in the UK would be looking at getting a divorce.

Divorce should not be your first option, you should think about the reasons why you got married and then imagine yourself without that person for the rest of your life before you start thinking about ending your marriage.

There are lots of help out there when you marriage becomes problematic, divorce is not the only solution because there are lots of ways you can rescue your marriage from that dreaded and costly divorce.

A marriage expert said: “To many people think that divorce is the only option, if more people understand the value of their marriage and the wide range of help there is out there then more people would stay marriage and turn their broken marriage into a happy marriage.”

Divorce is painful and it become a very difficult time and even more difficult when you have children. When a parent separates from their partner they are bringing out a negative message to their children about commitment as well as bringing sadness into the child’s life.

Is it possible to rescue a failing marriage? The answer is definitely yes! It maybe hard to deal with marital problems but there are couples that were able to survive and keep their marriage despite of all the problems they went through. With the right mindset and approach, it is possible to rescue a marriage from divorce. Here are some tips to rescue a marriage from divorce:

Agree or compromise. Although you are united as one in the matrimony of marriage, you still have different opinion about a lot of things. It is important to respect and consult your spouse before making decisions to avoid conflicts. If you cannot agree with the decision then you both have to compromise. Marriage is a partnership and you both have to respect each other’s point of view.  It will be hard to rescue a marriage from divorce if you will keep arguing and trying to control each other.

Take a break. Sometimes the stress of everyday life, work and responsibilities with the kids can add pressure and problems in your marriage. To rescue a marriage from divorce, you have to take a break and focus on your failing relationship.  You can put things in perspective if you and your spouse will spend quality time together. Take a vacation or a retreat to rekindle your relationship. If you need the help of a marriage counsellor, then do not hesitate to seek help. You will be surprised what spending quality time with each other can do to your marriage.

Recognize the problems in your marriage and talk about the possible solution. It will be hard to rescue a marriage from divorce if the problems in the marriage are ignored. You both have to sit down and talk about it. Is there a money issue? Is lack of time with each other always an issue? There are issues in your marriage that needs to be solved and you both have to figure out the problems and talk about the solutions to keep your marriage back on track again. This is not the time for blaming each other but it is better to find solutions and be committed to save your marriage.

If you both cannot resolve the problems on your own, seek professional help. Experts know how to deal with marital problems and it is best to ask for advice. Do you want to rescue a marriage from divorce using a step-by-step proven strategy?

2. Try dressing up for your husband, choose some sexy lingerie and if your husband is one of those dull blokes who wears underpants to bed then buy him some nice underwear that will turn you on.

3. Instead of having sex in your bedroom try a different part of the house, maybe the kitchen or the lounge, bring new excitement into your sexual relationship and make love making exciting again.

4. Go away for the weekend to a nice hotel, spend quality time together and have a nice romantic weekend where the weekend is just about the both of you without children, family and friends being in the way.

5. Try not to rush sex, enjoy touching and feeling each other and gently kissing each other showing one another how you really feel about them.

6. Hug each other. It sounds simple but it is amazing how many couples can go weeks or even months without hugging each other.

7. Communicate more. Mobile phones are great so use them. Send each other nice text messages, they can be loving or even of a sexual nature, but communicate more.

8. Leave letters around the house for each other, with just simple message of how much you love them.

9. Surprise each other. This can be anything from taking your partner out for a meal to going to the pictures or even waiting for them to come home and dragging them off to the bedroom. Do it on impulse, do not arrange it with your partner.

Sex is a very important aspect of married life. It should never be ignored or taken for granted. Sexual needs are real needs and they have to be satisfied. It is not wrong to admit to your partner that either one of you lacks passion in bed. By being open with your sexual needs, you are actually opening the possibility of making your marriage work again.