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Author Claims He Knows Who Made Archie Skin Colour Comments

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Royal Author Omid Scobie Has Said He Knows Which Two Royals Made Comments Over Archie’s Skin Colour

Omid Scobie has claimed that he knows which two Royals made ‘comments about Archie’s skin colour’


In a shocking revelation, British journalist Omid Scobie has disclosed that he knows which members of the Royal Family allegedly made racist remarks about Prince Archie’s skin colour.

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In a recent interview on Good Morning America, Scobie shed light on the concerns some members had about how dark Archie’s skin would be when he was born.

Although he claims is unable to disclose their identities due to UK law, Scobie’s insights have already stirred up a storm of controversy.

Omid told the news outlet: “I do know who made the comments about Archie’s skin colour. The names were mentioned in letters between Meghan and Charles that were exchanged sometime after the Oprah interview,” he continued: “We know from sources that Charles was horrified that that’s how Meghan felt that that’s how those conversations were.”

Although Omid claims he knows who made the comments, but there has been speculation that the comments were never made. It is further claimed that Omid is using those claims to sell his book while some have said if the comments were made and he knows who made them, then why doesn’t he name them.

The fallout from the alleged racist comments has undoubtedly had a profound impact on the dynamics within the Royal Family. Scobie suggests that the disagreements surrounding these remarks have strained the relationship between Meghan Markle and Prince Charles.

However, he also speculates that the ability to maintain some form of communication between the two indicates a possibility of moving forward, albeit without complete agreement.

The controversy surrounding Archie’s skin colour has shed light on the complexities and tensions that exist within the British monarchy, raising questions about the institution’s ability to adapt and evolve in a rapidly changing world.

Scobie’s upcoming book, “Endgame,” promises to provide a deep dive into the current state of the British monarchy.

Described as a powerfully revealing investigation, the book explores the struggles and betrayals faced by key figures within the Royal Family.

Scobie, who was previously friends with Meghan Markle, is expected to unveil shocking revelations that will challenge established narratives and expose hidden truths.

However, it is worth noting that there have been reports of inaccuracies in the book, including claims about Princess Diana’s death conspiracy, alleged “lies” from the Palace about Queen Camilla, and Prince Charles’ strained relationship with Prince Harry.

As readers eagerly anticipate the release of “Endgame,” the book promises to be a compelling and contentious addition to the ongoing discourse surrounding the British monarchy.

The revelations made by Omid Scobie regarding the alleged racist comments about Archie’s skin colour have far-reaching implications.

The Royal Family, already under scrutiny and facing numerous challenges, now grapples with yet another controversy that raises serious questions about its commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

The fallout from these revelations has the potential to further erode public trust in the monarchy and fuel calls for greater transparency and accountability.

The significance of this issue extends beyond the personal lives of the Royal Family members involved, highlighting wider societal discussions about race, privilege, and equality.

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