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Welcome to the practical caravan magazine and camping blog for the 555,000 touring caravans, 365,000 caravan holiday homes, and 225,000 motorhomes owners, and not forgetting the 1.2 million that go camping in the UK.

We provide you with practical caravanning advice, features, and news for those that love to be out & about and enjoy caravan living. We also offer advice for those that love to go camping in the UK, and for those people who enjoy living in a caravan. As well as offering practical caravanning advice, we also bring you news from caravanning and camping shows.

Our caravan magazine team love to hear about your practical caravanning experience, or about your camping caravans holidays. If you have a story to tell, or advice to share about caravanning life or camping, or touring caravans, then do get in touch. If you would like us to review your UK caravan park or camping park, then get in touch and one of our team will contact you.

Caravans in the UK are not just used for holidays, with the increase in property prices and high rental prices, more people are now living in a caravan. Caravan living has increased over the years especially in areas such as London where property prices are through the roof.

As our caravan magazine found through a recent survey, more people than ever before would like to turn their static caravan /holiday home into their permanent residence. We found that more than 50% of people who own a caravan in the UK prefer caravan living compared to living in a house. They said this was down to many reasons. The main reason was the lifestyle a static caravan and a tour caravan can give them. Another reason why people want to live in a caravan is down to finances, and lastly, they said it would remove the stress of everyday life.

We also found that a lot of people are retiring early and living in a tour caravan where it allows them to live cheaper and visit places around the UK and the world they have never visited before. One couple took their children out of school and bought a tour caravan and toured the world to give them a better life and education.
Many of our readers have told our practical magazine reporters while they are out & about that they would love to live in their static caravan. However, only a small number of holiday parks are open for 12-months and those holiday parks that are open all year have a licence agreement where living in a caravan as your main residence is not allowed. Tens of thousands of static caravan owners want this rule changed. Our caravan magazine team agrees and believes more caravan parks should be opened for those that want to live in a caravan.

Some parks claim that a practical caravan is only meant to be for short term holidays. They claim that caravans are not built for people to live in all year. Many caravan owners including our caravan magazine team disagree and would like to see a big debate on this issue.

For those of you that enjoy caravan life and enjoy being out and about in your touring caravan or on a camping holiday then Keep up to date with our caravan magazine. We provide you with all practical caravanning advice and bring you all the latest UK caravan news. We also bring you caravan reviews, and reviews on caravan parks and camping parks in the UK.

If you are looking to experience what life is like as a caravan owner, then we do recommend you visit the many Caravanning and camping shows on offer. This will give you chance to see the different caravans available and the cost of owning a caravan.

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Practical Caravanning FAQs

Caravans FAQs

How many caravan parks are there in the UK?
There are more than 2500 Static Caravan Parks across the United Kingdom

How many people take caravan holidays?
As of 2019 more than 2 million people took holidays in caravans and motorhomes in the UK

How many touring caravans are in the UK?
According to figures in 2019, there are more than 550,000 tour caravans. There are also more than 370 static caravans in the UK.

When was the first static caravan made in the UK?
In 1947 the first static caravan which was made from hardboard came off the production line. It was not a practical caravan. After a few seasons the caravan would become damaged and warp.