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Nafty Token Changes The Adult Industry With Cryptocurrency

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With the rise of cryptocurrency, adult industry driven Nafty Token has stepped up and taken charge. Taking the next generation of token purchasing to the next level, Nafty Token is on the rise and is moving fast.

Since payment providers like Visa and Mastercard have banned the use of their cards on major adult websites, it’s no wonder why Nafty Token with their ecosystem of platforms is so popular. But, Nafty Token’s presale is just the beginning. The presale took place on DxSale where 1000 BNB (Binance) of tokens, worth $300,000 USD, sold in 54 minutes, that equates to 3 Billion Nafty.

“We are so proud and excited to have developed this unique ecosystem of platforms, which, along with the NAFTY token, put the power and earning potential into the hands of the creators,” said Nafty CEO Rob Kemenyfi of the new venture.

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Most other adult tokens on the market launch without having any platforms on which to use their tokens, whereas Nafty has four platforms ready to go.


Nafty’s four platforms include:

  1. A subscription platform of exclusive high-end adult content featuring some of the top Nafty models. All HD 4k premium scenes. Weekly Updates and Affiliate Program.
  1. An NFT marketplace for adult creators and erotic artists. It gives creators access to a long-term revenue stream without the content restrictions of traditional sites which limit the type of content creators can upload.
  1. A blockchain-based fan club platform that offers lower fees, better payment solutions and built-in marketing tools
  2. A state of the art payment solution for the adult industry, offering 4% transaction fees, no chargebacks, no holdback and the ability to withdraw the Nafty token and exchange for any crypto currency.

Platforms in the Nafty ecosystem have built-in marketing tools to help creators generate more followers, give promotional shout-outs and use an affiliate program to attract traffic from external sources; they no longer have to worry about a platform banning or discouraging promotion of adult content.

Two of the platforms on the Nafty ecosystem are already operational and generating revenue, feeding percentages back to the token holders and the content creators. Having already partnered with many of the adult industry’s top creators and with a clear roadmap to future platforms within the ecosystem, Nafty are set to change the landscape of the Adult Industry forever.

NAFTY token holders earn a passive income from transaction fees charged across the ecosystem and can use their tokens to tip the creators, buy NFTs, place advertisements on Nafty platforms, pay for subscriptions to, and influence the roadmap of Nafty projects.

Adult problems need adult solutions, and by using Nafty token the “middlemen” are removed, meaning heavily reduced fees and no holding of earnings. The power is in the hands of the creators, in an industry that has been dictated to for too long by outsiders telling them how much they can earn, when they can get their money and charging huge percentages for doing so. In knowing this, fans and creators are ready and willing to make the move to Nafty.

Nafty Token will be available to buy on Pancakeswap from 7th July 2021 at 12pm EDT and prices are set to skyrocket. For more information please visit

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