Skegness Caravan Owners Say Don’t Buy A Caravan On Fantasy Island Caravan Park

skegness fantasy island protest

Fantasy Island Caravan Park has come under fire after a family who bought a caravan just nine weeks ago have now been told they only have a few years left before the caravan has to be removed.

Naomi Wilson, 52, whose dream of owning a caravan has turned into a nightmare after spending her life savings of £12,000 to buy her dream UK Staycation holiday home.

The family were hoping to spend many years enjoying caravan life in Skegness but now they face scrapping their caravan thanks to Fantasy Island owners changing their rules.

skegness fantasy islandFantasy Island shocked caravan owners on their site by announcing a new upper age limit. It means that anyone with a caravan older than 22 years will have to move their caravan off the site.

The mum of three from Loughborough, Leicestershire said before she bought her caravan, she asked Fantasy Island twice if they had an age limit.

She said: “When I first looked into buying a caravan, I asked if there would be an age restriction and was told no.

“I asked the same on July 10 after lockdown when I went to sign the paperwork and was given the same answer.

“Now, just nine weeks later, things have changed and there is a 22-year age limit despite the warranty from the manufacturers being 40 plus years.

“I feel it is very underhanded by Fantasy Island. There are three or four new owners there, who are in the same situation as me now.

“I paid £12,000 for it, another £1,000 to kit it out and just recently spent £350 following a break-in. Is there any point in me bothering with it anymore?

“They can’t just change the rules when we were told completely different.

fanstasy caravan owners angryThe caravan Naomi Wilson bought is a 2007 model, and now she has been told in just nine years the caravan will have to be scrapped.

“The thought of giving it up in a few years is just heartbreaking. Our dream has turned into a nightmare.

Caravan owners on Fantasy Island are livid with the new rules which will result in many families being forced off site. Since the Skegness holiday park announced the changes in their rules, many caravan owners on their site are warning people thinking of buying a caravan to avoid Fantasy Island at all cost.

A caravan owner on Fantasy Island caravan park who did not wished to be named said the new rule was disgusting. She explained that it has nothing to do with updating the site, it was more about money.

“It is all about money this new rule. Fantasy Island just want people to continue to buy their caravans as that is where the money is. They are hoping owners on site will update their caravans to newer models but that will not happen.”

A lot of owners on Skegness Fantasy Island have said they have lost trust in the company and many are telling others to stay well clear if they are thinking about buying a caravan.

An action group on Facebook who is fighting for change has seen their membership continue to grow due to bad practices like this. ‘PARK HOLIDAYS & OTHER PARKS, Unhappy Caravan Owners/Users ‘ACTION GROUP’ want to see a change in the law and see more protection for caravan owners.

The current climate gives caravan owners no rights what-so-ever. One caravan owner said they are at the mercy of the holiday companies, while another told In2town changes need to be made.

The Facebook action group is hoping to make changes to the law, but sadly it is too late for the owners on Fantasy Island.

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