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More Skegness Bus Services Cancelled

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  • Stagecoach annoy Skegness passengers after more bus services are cancelled


Stagecoach have announced that several Skegness bus services has yet again been cancelled due to staff shortages.

For weeks now, people living and working have had to put up with a second rate bus service provided by Stagecoach.

Stagecoach who are refusing to give a statement on when they will get their act together and provide a professional bus service are blaming the problems on staff shortages.

It is not only Skegness where passengers have been forced to find alternative arrangements to get to work and their destination, bus services have also been cancelled in Lincoln, Spalding, and also Gainsborough.

Today’s cancelled services affect those people going from the centre of Skegness to Anchor Lane in Ingoldmells.

Journey’s to Anchor Lane, the affected services include the 06:45, 07:45, 08:40, 14:00, 15:20 and 16:40 buses.

For the return journey, the affected services are the 07:11, 08:11, 09:15, 14:35, 15:55 and 17:15 buses.

Stagecoach is refusing to speak to the media about their problems over the past few weeks, even though they are receiving more complaints than ever before.

We have been on the streets of Skegness and spoke to bus users who are clearly fed up. They want to know why Lincolnshire County Council are not stepping in to solve the problem.

One person we spoke to has asked why Stagecoach are the only bus company serving the area. This is a question many people are asking.

Some of the people we spoke to want Lincolnshire County Council to bring in more companies to serve the area instead of people relying on Stagecoach. This is a question we are putting to Lincolnshire County Council.

It is clear that Stagecoach are struggling and providing a second rate bus service for those living in Skegness. With them ignoring requests to speak to the media, and not sorting out the problem quickly, they are not putting their passengers first.


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