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How to stop prickly heat

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How To Prevent Prickly Heat On Holiday

  • How To Stop Prickly Heat Can Provide You With A Stress Free Holiday
  • Each year millions of people refuse to go abroad due to prickly heat
  • Choosing the right sun scream can help solve prickly heat

Learning How To Stop Prickly Heat Will Help Avoid A Stressful Holiday

How to stop prickly heat. Going on holiday is something most people look forward to, but for those that suffer from prickly heat going abroad could be the last thing on their mind. Prickly heat has become so much of a problem for thousands of people, many of those that suffer from it have to be careful where they choose to go abroad. Some people go on holiday in the winter when it’s less sunny, while others go to a country with a climate similar to the UK.

In2town Travel Magazine has decided to look more into prickly heat and see the methods available on how to stop prickly heat so those that suffer from the skin condition and enjoy their holiday in the sun.

how to stop prickly heat


What Is Prickly Heat

Prickly heat, which is also known as a heat rash or miliaria affects tens of thousands of people each year who go abroad to sunny climates. It’s estimated that up to 10 per cent of the population suffers from prickly heat. As such, how to stop prickly heat has become one of the most popular search terms in Google for those going to Spain.

The red and itchy rash on the skin which can cause a stinging or prickly feeling can be a living hell for those that suffer from prickly heat. Prickly heat can appear on any part of the body, but more commonly appears on the neck or armpits. It can become so bad that the person who suffers from it will spend their holiday indoors out of the sun, or in bed.


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The rash on the skin is caused by sweat glands in the skin that become blocked. When this happens, the sweat cannot escape from the body and with having nowhere to go it leaks into nearby skin. This then causes redness and rashes and results in the skin becoming itchy.

Doctors who have said that prickly heat can affect, adults, children, and babies, have warned that those that are overweight have an increased chance of suffering from prickly heat, due to the increase in sweating when they are hot.


Tips On How To Stop Prickly Heat


With excess sweating being one of the reasons why some people suffer from prickly heat, the following tips can help reduce the amount of sweat, hence reducing the chances of suffering from prickly heat.

The first way to reduce the chances of suffering from prickly heat is to reduce the amount you sweat. This can be achieved through measures such as:


  • Staying in the shade
  • Wearing only loose-fitting, cool clothes
  • Showering in cool water regularly
  • Avoiding exercise in hot weather
  • Keeping out of the sun when it is at its hottest
  • Drinking more water than usual


How To Stop Prickly Heat – Choose Your Sun cream wisely


When it comes to prickly heat and how to stop prickly heat, one of the last things people think about is the type of sun cream they use. As mentioned, blocked sweat glands can cause prickly heat and can increase the suffering; using a waterproof sun cream is not a great idea.


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Waterproof sun cream, which contains clogging ingredients such as mineral oils and silicone can aggravate the skin and build up your prickly heat. Using this type of sun cream means the sweat has nowhere to go and is like the body being wrapped in tin foil.


Products That Can Help With Prickly Heat


  1. Antihistamines. Taking one a day two weeks before you go on holiday and while you are on holiday, can help avoid prickly heat.
  2. Eucerin Sun Cream Gel and Allergy Protection. This Eucering cream absorbs very quickly and does not irritate the skin. It contains a 3-dimensional protection system, which pairs both mineral and organic UVA/UVB filters with the natural cell protection of antioxidant licorice extract.
  3. Soltan Sensitive Hypoallergenic Suncare Lotion. Soltan suncream is specifically formulated for sensitive skin, protects against prickly heat and has a 5 star UVA rating.
  4. Rona Ross Prickly Heat Lotion. Oil, fragrance & colour free lotion with calamine for the treatment of skin irritations, prickly heat & burns


If you continue to suffer from prickly heat, a visit to the doctor or to the nurse would be a good solution, they will be able to advise more on how to avoid prickly heat.

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