Caravan servicing – what you need to know

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Caravan Service. Everyone loves using their touring caravan for weekends and weeks away, but one important aspect of owning a tourer is keeping it safe and ready for another fun packed year of holidays. That is why we have brought you the low-down on caravan servicing.

Caravan servicing may seem like a lot of hassle, but it’s essential. Sadly, a large portion of the 555,000 touring caravan owners ignore the important of having their caravan serviced.

how much is a caravan serviceIt is important to find a reputable caravan service engineer or workshop to do the service but finding one can be a minefield. It is important to do your research and get recommendations from other touring caravan owners.

Once you have found a reputable company to provide a professional service you then need to decide if you want to take the caravan to the workshop or have the caravan servicing done at your home.

Here is some information to help you decide if you would like the caravan service done at a workshop or at home.



Caravan servicing at a workshop


Here are the benefits of having caravan maintenance done with a workshop


  • The caravan service is done undercover, which means no problems with bad weather conditions
  • The workshop will send you out a reminder to have your caravan serviced
  • Any parts needed the workshop will have them in stock.


The Cons of using a workshop is:

  • You will need to transport the tourer to the workshop.
  • Wasting fuel if the workshop is not local
  • You may need to take time off work.


Benefits of Using a caravan mobile servicing for an annual caravan service


  • A mobile technician will visit your home to do the service
  • No need to waste fuel transporting the caravan to a workshop or take any time off work


The Cons of using a mobile technician


The technician will require space to service your caravan. Normally they need around one metre of clear space around the tourer


caravan mobile servicingWhat should be included in a basic caravan service?


A basic service will cover around 69 jobs and normally will take around four hours


The basic tourer service will normally cover:


  • Chassis and running gear

This will include corner steady lubrication, coupling head area, tyre checks (including the spare wheel), brake adjustment, underneath the caravan and the jockey wheel.


  • Electrical systems

All the lights will be checked including internal and external. Sockets will also be tested to make sure there are no faults. The fridge will be checked, and also consumer units, TV Socket, microwave oven, electric hob, the battery and anything else in the caravan that requires electricity.


  • Gas systems

All gas appliances will be checked such as the oven, fridge, water heater and heating systems. They will be checked for leaks and to make sure they are working properly.


  • Water systems

All taps are check for leaks and the waste-water outlet is also checked for blockages. As part of the caravan service the toilet is also inspected to make sure the valve seal is well lubricated and the technician will also check the battery-operated flush is working properly.


  • Bodywork

As part of the caravan checks all doors, windows, blinds are inspected. The technician will walk around the tourer and inspect the entire bodywork and will also check the roof. As part of the inspection a damp check will be carried out inside and around the caravan. You will receive a damp report once the inspection is over.


  • Ventilation

The technician will check the fixed vents and will also check the roof lights to make sure they are working correctly.


  • Fire & safety

This is one of the most important parts of the caravan service. The technician will test the smoke alarm and the carbon monoxide detector. They will also check to make sure that the two safety appliances replacement date has not passed. They will also check your fire extinguisher.

campervan servicingWhat’s not included in caravan servicing?


It is important when requesting a mobile caravan service, or a service through a workshop to understand what is included. Some technicians and workshops may not include the damp test with the annual service. So, make sure you ask at the beginning and have it in writing what is and what is not included.


The following would require an additional payment:


    In-depth service of individual appliances, such as the fridge

    Motor mover

    Solar panel

    Air conditioning.


It is so important to have an annual service to make sure your tourer caravan is safe for your holidays. You need to make sure it is safe to stay in and that it is safe to travel on the road.

When you have an annual caravan, service make sure you keep all the reports. Caravan buyers prefer to buy a caravan that has all the paperwork with it.