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Skegness Fantasy Island Caravan Owners Protest Over Age Limit Changes

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Skegness Fantasy Island Caravan Park which is owned by Arnold-based Mellors Group has come under fire for changing their rules on how long a caravan can stay on site. Present and Previous caravan owners have become so fed up with the Mellors Group not listening to them, they have decided to protest outside Fantasy Island on August 14th, 2021.

As previously reported ‘Skegness Caravan Owners Say Don’t Buy A Caravan On Fantasy Island Caravan Park’ caravan owners were shocked when the Mellors Group informed them of the changes. A letter was sent out to owners that stated any caravan over 22-years old would need to be removed from their park.

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Naomi Wilson, 52, a mother of three from Loughborough, Leicestershire said her dream of owning a caravan turned into a nightmare after spending her life savings of £12,000. After buying her caravan, she then received a letter nine weeks later of the new changes, which means she only has a few years left on Fantasy Island.

She said at the time, before she bought her caravan, she asked Fantasy Island twice if they had an age limit.

She said: “When I first looked into buying a caravan, I asked if there would be an age restriction and was told no.

“I asked the same on July 10 after lockdown when I went to sign the paperwork and was given the same answer.

“Now, just nine weeks later, things have changed and there is a 22-year age limit despite the warranty from the manufacturers being 40 plus years.

“I feel it is very underhanded by Fantasy Island. There are three or four new owners there, who are in the same situation as me now.

After a break down with talks with the owners of Skegness Fantasy Island caravan park, the caravan owners have said they have had enough and plan to protest outside the sales office on Sea Lane, Ingoldmells on August 14th.

The protest which will start at 12pm is to highlight how unhappy the caravan owners are with the Mellors Group and their refusal to resolve the matter.

A statement from the caravan owners was posted on their Protest Facebook Group Page which read:

FANTASY ISLAND & MELLORS GROUP take note WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH, and you have had a chance to resolve this matter so now it’s time for action

You still have a chance to talk to owners instead of IGNORING them. Our door is still open even if yours is firmly shut on us


Protests commencing 14th August 2021 from 12pm onwards and will run every Saturday & Sunday

The location will be across the front of the Caravan sales office and back towards the car park entrance of Fantasy Island on Sea Lane Ingoldmells

We have had enough of the previous miss sale of caravans, not honouring our agreements including past agreements, parking fines, state of the site, over charging on utility meters during closedown, paying for a service we just don’t get, and the list goes on

We will back our protest up with proof including videos, letters, emails and more for the public and supporters to all view

If you’re a caravan owner join us, if you parked and got fine join us, if you are just fed up with the above matters then join us. It’s not just an owners protest this is open to everyone and we welcome all support

It’s now time to act

As of yet, The Mellors Group who recently bought Skegness Pier for £3million have not issued a statement on the protest. However, the caravan owners have said there is still time to stop the protest if The Mellors Group will come to the table and see sense.

The Fantasy Caravan owners want to attract all past and previous caravan owners to the protest. They are also calling for all Skegness caravan owners to unite as one, to show caravan park owners they cannot unfairly change the rules to suit themselves.

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