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The Best caravan awnings

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If you are looking for an awning for a caravan and struggling to find the right one for you, then check out our best caravan awnings guide. We have looked at all the ones currently on the market to find what we believe are the best ones.

Caravan awnings are a great way to make your caravan even bigger. It does not matter if you have a small caravan or a big one, an awning makes a huge difference and provides you with even bigger space.

One of the reasons why I love a caravan awning is because it allows more people to go on holiday together. An awning can generate a bigger sleeping space, which means you can transfer a four birth or a six birth into a large birth caravan.

After testing different awnings, we have put together our best caravan awnings so you can reduce the time spent trying to find which one is value for money and stands out from the crowd.


Best Caravan Awnings


2020 Vango Maldives

caravan awning makesThe caravan awning market is changing for the better. New designs are coming out using the latest materials. With inflatable awnings now available with pole models, there is so much choice available.

Our choice for the best caravan awning is Vango Maldives. For what you are getting I am really surprised that it is only £900. At first when we were doing our caravan awning reviews, I thought there was an error with the price, but it seems the price is correct.

The caravan awning makers have combined modern technology with old technology. The main structure of the Vango Maldives relies on air beams in the roof, and the walls, and the steel poles at the front provide it with a better shape.

The design of the awning is very clever. It looks stylish with its hexagonal shape. There are five removable panels across the six sides, so when its hot you can open them up and let some air in. Another great design is the door panels which are a 60/40 split. This means that you only need to open the door a little which is great when the wind is blowing.

    Price £900

    Width 300cm

    Length 400cm


2020 Isabella Air Cirrus North 400

caravan awnings reviewOur second choice for the best caravan awning goes to 2020 Isabella Air Cirrus North 400. This was nearly our best awning but came in a very close second to 2020 Vango Maldives.

When you look for an awning for a caravan you don’t just want it to be practical, and to last the test of time, but you also want it to look good. The design of 2020 Vango Maldives is better than the 2020 Isabella Air Cirrus North 400. However, this awning does have many positive points and that is why it came in second out of all the caravan awnings we tested.

The 2020 Isabella Air Cirrus North 400 is the first inflatable awning under the Isabella name. The price is £1,990, but to be honest although you don’t expect a product under the Isabella name to be cheap, we do believe the price should be more around the £1,500 mark.

The company has used the same acrylic material on the inflatable awning as they use on their top-of-the-range pole models. I really like the roof is UV resistant polyester, so maybe this is where the extra money has gone.

    Price £1,990

    Width 275cm

    Length 400cm


2019 Vango Vienna

inflatable caravan awningWe were really impressed with the 2019 Vango Vienna. The awning for a caravan of different sizes is very impressive, and for the price £2,100 I would expect nothing less.

One of the big problems with caravan awnings is knowing which ones can withstand the harsh weathers that the UK has. Some awnings are only suitable when the sun is out and the weather is calm, but the Vango Vienna is different. This caravan awning can stay up in all weathers thanks to being made out of Tencate Residential fabric

The designers have used extra wide air beams which are pre-angled, this allows for the structure to be more stable in high-winds.

A lot of caravan awnings on the market make the inside look very dull and enclosed. This great design has skylights in the roof so the light comes in and it feels less gloomy.


    Price £2100

    Width 300cm

    Length 400cm


2019 Bradcot MODUL-AiR 330

blow up awningsThis large caravan awning looks great and it’s not too expensive. It works as a porch awning or a full awning. It is very clever as the porch awning comes in one bag and the extension comes in another. So, if you are going away for a nice break and know that you don’t want to have a large awning, then you can leave the extension at home.

The MODUL-AiR 330 is made of Tencate fabric with a PVA coating that absorbs water. This is great news as you don’t need a roof lining.

The pegging anchors along the bottom can be moved, which is great, this means you can avoid any stones that might be in the ground.

For £1,677 it is a good price. Although it is popular in the UK it is also very popular in Spain with ex-pats on caravan parks.


    Price £1677

    Width 260cm

    Length 570cm

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