Driving in Europe post Brexit

Driving in Europe post Brexit

Driving in Europe post Brexit, can we still drive abroad. If we look at Brexit, you can all agree that the Conservative government and Boris Johnson has made a complete mess of it. Let’s be honest, their handling of Brexit makes you wonder what Boris Johnson would be like negotiating a discount with a car dealer. But now Brexit is going ahead, what does that mean for drivers from the UK.

If you like to drive to Europe and are you unsure what will happen post-Brexit, then you are not alone. Research which was carried out by Discover Ferries found that most people are concerned and confused about traveling abroad post-Brexit. They found that people are confused over ferry travel, pet passports, visas, and EHIC validity. The research founded that consumers wanted answers on what will happen, answers that the Government is unable to provide.

The confusion on what will happen including driving in Europe post Brexit is damaging the travel industry. At a time when the travel industry is already struggling due to the COVID19 pandemic, the strain of Brexit is causing even more misery. A quarter of those people who took part in the research said they had delayed their holiday plans until after 31st January.

The reality of the situation is the Government needs to learn the art of communication as well as stop falling asleep when it comes to sorting out Brexit. Their lack of communication and leaving everyone confused is costing jobs in the travel industry. People don’t know if Driving in Europe post Brexit will require additional paperwork. Ferry companies are seeing a drop in bookings due to the confusion.

Although we are no longer members of the EU, those wishing to holiday in Europe and travel freely around European Union countries will still be subject to EU laws. That means, all valid passports and pet passports will still be authorised for those wish to travel to the EU, and no new visas will be required. Drivers will not need to get a green card for insurance or International Driving Permits (IDPs) for the EU. Your driving licence will still be valid.

However, while you can still drive abroad with no changes, this could change once the transition period is over and the Government decides to let the country know exactly what is going on.