Caravan Tourer Insurance Get The Best Cover For Caravan

touring caravan insurance

How to save money on caravan insurance is something that tens of thousands of caravan owners would like to know. That is why we have put together some tips on how to get insurance for a caravan at the best price.

Some people believe that caravan tourer insurance is a legal requirement, however, that is not the case. All you need to tow a caravan is car insurance. Although insurance for a caravan can be expensive, it is a necessary evil.

If you are thinking of not buying caravan insurance for your tourer then this could be an expensive mistake. Caravan tourer insurance provides you with full cover if your caravan is stolen or damaged. But, if you just have car insurance, if you have an accident on the road, or if your caravan gets damaged or stolen then it’s you who has to pay for repair or replacement.

When looking to buy insurance it is important to compare caravan insurance to get the best cover. But, before you do that, we have put together some tips on how to save money on your caravan insurance.


How to cut the cost of caravan insurance


Here are ways that you can make your caravan insurance cheaper and keep premiums low:


    Keep your caravan safely stored

    Get your caravan values right

    Improve your caravan security

    Add a tracker to your caravan

    Use a hitch lock or wheel lock

    Add caravan safety devices for safer towing

    Choose your levels of caravan insurance cover

    Take a caravan towing course

    Pay in full

    Choose a specialist caravan insurer

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Other ways to buy cheap caravan insurance


Caravan Tourer Insurance Comparison Sites


Cover for caravans can be expensive and that is why you should use caravan comparison sites for cheap insurance quotes.

It is important that you compare caravan insurance cover but don’t make the mistake by visiting just one comparison site. A lot of comparison sites don’t provide you with the full story as some of them only list the ones that provide the best commission. So when looking at caravan insurance quotes try at least four comparison sites.

In this day and age, it is important to get the cheapest caravan insurance possible, so make sure you do not buy the first policy.


Summer Tourer Insurance


This is a great way to save money on caravan insurance, but it does come with some risks. When looking to buy caravan tourer insurance use the summer-only-cover method.

Summer=only-cover is a great trick where you only pay for touring caravan insurance for the summer, but the downfall is, if anything happens to your caravan in the winter months you are not covered.

insurance quote caravanSo, how do you turn your annual caravan cover into summer-only insurance?


The trick is a simple one, but as mentioned it does carry some risks. When you know you are only going to use your caravan during the summer buy your annual policy at the beginning of summer and when you have finished using your caravan you can then cancel your policy. You will be issued with what is known as a pro-rota refund. The insurance company could charge you a small exit fee which may be around £25.

I would only advise the summer tourer insurance if you are going to store your caravan in a safe place during winter. And remember, if you are looking at reducing the cost of your insurance through this method, you will be liable for any theft or damage that happens outside of your policy.


Home Insurance Policy


When people look at how to save money on caravan insurance for a tourer, they don’t think about their home insurance. Your home insurance policy could provide you with cover for the contents of your tourer caravan, but you will need to check first when renewing.

You will need to speak to your home insurance company to find out if they offer a policy that will cover the contents of your caravan. The cover you need to ask about is a contents insurance add-on called ‘all risks’ or personal possessions. It is important to note that not all home insurance companies provide this type of cover.

This home insurance add on will help to reduce the insurance quotes for caravans, because you already have contents cover under your home policy. This add-on will provide you with cover for your clothing and any valuable goods that you take away with you on your caravan holiday. You may already have this as part of your policy, so please do check with your home insurance provider.

These tips and tricks can help you reduce the cost of caravan insurance and allow you to focus on enjoying your caravan holiday.