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EastEnders Jessie Wallace Suspended After Serious Incident

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EastEnders Have Suspended Jessie Wallace After Incident During Filming


Jessie Wallace, who plays Kat Slater on EastEnders has been suspended from the BBC1 soap after a serious incident during filming. The actress who has played Kat Slater on EastEnders for nearly two decades has not spoken about the reason behind her suspension.

EastEnders bosses have refused to comment on the incident that has resulted in Jessie Wallace being suspended for two months, but it has been confirmed that writers have been asked to find a way to explain for her absence from the show.

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After the incident took place, Jessie Wallace was asked to attend an emergency meeting with bosses of EastEnders who informed her that her behaviour was unacceptable, and they had no alternative but to punish her. She was informed that she would not be allowed to return to the soap for two months.

An insider informed Lincolnshire News Today that the whole cast is shocked over the incident while some feel suspending Jessie Wallace was over the top.

Jessie Wallace Suspended From EastEnders Shocks Cast

Our source on EastEnders said they felt Bosses had no alternative to suspend Jessie Wallace, even though she admits that many of the cast are right behind her and want the suspension lifted.

Scriptwriters are now working hard to explain why Jessie Wallace, 48, has temporarily left the show. Thankfully according to our source, Jessie has already filmed all the major storylines that involve the big River Thames storyline for the 35th Anniversary of the show, which will air on February 19.


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Jessie Wallace has become one of the biggest stars of EastEnders, so for her to be suspended must not have been taken lightly.

An EastEnders spokeswoman said: “We do not comment about incidents that happen on set.”

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