Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Horncastle Drivers Angry As They Witness Some Drivers Fill Up Petrol Cans

Some drivers are filling up Jerry cans while the petrol crisis continues

  • Drivers spotted filling up jerry cans in petrol panic buying


Horncastle Drivers filling their cars up for work have become angry after they have witnessed some drivers filling up Jerry cans with petrol.

One driver from Horncastle contacted Lincolnshire News & Lifestyle to tell us they had spotted one driver filling up 7 Jerry cans and two small petrol cans over the weekend.

Over the weekend petrol stations across Lincolnshire reported drivers were panic buying as they wrongly believed there were a shortage of petrol.

The Government has warned there is no shortage of petrol but a shortage of HGV drivers needed to deliver petrol stations to Lincolnshire outlets and around the UK.

More than half of petrol stations around the UK and many in Lincolnshire have been forced to close due to running out of petrol.

Some experts have reported, if people continue to panic buy, then more than 80% of petrol stations could run out of petrol.

Petrol stations owned by Tesco, Shell, and BP have introduced a £30 limit on petrol during the petrol crisis.


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