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Skegness Residents Slam Which Magazine Over Worst Seaside Resort Article


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Local people in Skegness and regular holidaymakers slam Which Magazine Over Skegness Worst Seaside resort title

Holidaymakers and locals are angry that Skegness has once again been called the worst seaside in the country by Which Magazine.


Which Magazine has once again called Skegness the worst seaside resort in its latest article and holidaymakers and locals are getting fed up.

The magazine which has 600,000 subscribers seems to have it in for Skegness. Time and time again they run an article calling Skegness the worst seaside resort or one of the worst seaside resorts in the country.

Many locals and holidaymakers believe that the writers of Which have never visited Skegness and should not right about a place they have not been to or a place they know nothing about. One local resident has called Which Magazine armchair writing.

Sarah who has lived in Skegness all her life has said she believes that Which Magazine has never been to Skegness.

“I am getting bored of this Which Magazine. Who reads it anyway? I don’t believe they have ever been to Skegness, so why should they write about a place they have never been too. If you ask me, it is lazy writing.”

Sarah was not the only one who was angry over the latest article calling Skegness the worst seaside resort. Tom who has a caravan in Skegness said Which Magazine should stop writing about something they know nothing about.

“Skegness is an amazing place. If it was the worst Seaside resort in the country, then why would so many people come to Skegness and why would big brands invest in the area?”

According to Which Magazine Bamburgh was voted the best seaside resort, followed by Llandudno, Conwy, and St Andrews, Fife.


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The worst rated resorts according to Which Magazine are Skegness, Bognor Regis in West Sussex, Southend in Essex, Great Yarmouth in Norfolk and Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset.

In2Town News Today have contacted Which Magazine and challenged them to come and visit Skegness instead of writing about a place they have never been to.

Local business owners in Skegness are getting fed up with Which Magazine and other publications calling Skegness the worst seaside resort. They are calling on the local council and tourism officials to take action.

One business owner who did not wish to be named believe that this continued bad press will put people off. He is demanding that the local council contact Which Magazine and invite them to Skegness and see what a wonderful place it is.

The Which Magazine report does not mention about the investment in the area or how many people come back year after year.

Skegness which attracts people from all over the country including Manchester, London, and Leeds, as well as from Grimsby, Lincoln, and Boston has become a favourite with families.

We have told Which Magazine that if Skegness is the worst seaside resort in the country, then why do four million people each year come to the Lincolnshire resort. As yet we have not heard back from them.


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