The Author Of Blade Emily Smith Talks About Her New Book

Blade emily smith

A new book has been released by Emily Smith, one of the most exciting authors of 2020. Her new book Blade has been described by some as too hot to handle, while others have said it is a book that women should read alone. Since being released it has gained worldwide exposure, and once you have read the book then you will understand why it has become a talking point.

Blade which is set in a local fitness gym has everything a reader could want from a book. It has drama, danger, and excitement. The book is one of those books that once the reader starts reading, they can’t put it down.

Emily Smith new book which is currently available on Amazon as a Kindle download, follows the main characters who are all ex-cons. Even though they are ex-cons, they have all good hearts. The Blade Fitness becomes famous, not for having one of the best gyms around, it has become for the ex-cons who are now instructors. With their good lucks, fitness, and charm. Oh, and it also helps that they have MMA skills, the gym has become a hot spot with the ladies.

With so much excitement surrounding the book, we decided to learn more about Blade and the author and sat down with Emily Smith to learn more about her new book.

You have written a new book called Blade can you explain more about the book?

A1: The idea that a rough and tumble guy could have a chance with a girl who is his complete opposite gets me turning a page every time. I thought, what would happen if his match is young, smart, and happens to be curvy? A notion of how far two people would go to come together when they each have troubled pasts, and the character Blade was born.


Some people have said while reading Blade, they have got a bit hot under the collar, was that your aim?

A2: There are sensual moments; however, I never set out to write them in such a way. They happen from the characters: Blade is quite an alpha and over the top enough to prove it. When he commits to a woman, it is for life. If people get a rush of excitement, whatever the means, I always hope it will be magnetic.


Since being released, it has gained worldwide exposure, how do you feel about the positive exposure Blade has received?

A3: The response to Blade is fantastic. As a storyteller, you crave giving your reader something that takes them someplace where they are going to get a happy ending. There always must be a romantic Ever After.


Why did you decide to set the story around a fitness gym club?

A4: For me, “where” a story takes place rises from a protagonist’s world.

The location of a gym gave a realness that many people may identify with:

How many times have we been in a gym to get into shape and get floored by an instructor instead, who is so dreamy we instantly crush on them? (Raising my hand…)


I read your bio, and it says you write about Sexy, Steamy, and Sweet Romances between the Alpha Men and their charmful Destined Heroines in the modern city, why have you chosen to write about this topic?

A5: It is never the intention. The stories evolve from the characters, as I mentioned. When they realize they want more than the casual, hey, how it’s hanging? The romance can rocket from sweet and sexy to all-out steamy. Alphas ready for love but who don’t know what that might look like seemed the pragmatic choice for a contemporary curvy young woman romance.


How did you do your research for your book, did you have to go to lots of gym’s and meet lots of muscle men?

A6: Visit the gym anywhere just once: There is enough testosterone from gym trainer hottie to fuel your “What ifs” for days. Yes, I have met guys with muscles and physiques to pine for: the frustrating thing about being a girl is how easily it comes to them. While I must spin or cross-train for days on days.


Are any of the characters in the book based on anyone you know?

A7: A few (their names and predilections have been changed to protect the ‘unintentionally misbehaved.’


If Hollywood came knocking and asked to make the book into a film, who would be your ideal men to star in the film?

A8: That’s a provocative question. Today’s movie stars seem so far to middling from the more prominent stars say, even a decade ago. (Notice the small-town girl in me?) If there was a young Taron Egerton (The Kingsman) or a fetching Henry Cavill, I’d say anyone like them could definitely fit the bill.

Fiction Book BladeA lot of people have different techniques when it comes to writing, JK Rowling uses to go to a café to write when she wrote her first book, where do you do your writing?

A9: As a writer, you’re always writing. In the bath, while you’re folding origami — Okay, maybe not origami, but inspiration happens when you’re frequently engaged in the mundane. It’s how it occurs to me when I’m not “thinking” about it.


Do you find it easy to write sexy, and steamy books?

A10: No! When it does surface, it is organic to the story.


Where do you get your inspiration from when writing your books?

A11: I often feel an affinity with movies. I can watch “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” to “Salt,” A story will form from the simplest memes. ‘The best time to be is now, and all we can say is, “Let’s rock”!’ — Bill and Ted.


Some writers have to get into the right mindset when writing their books, some people dress up as their character, while others put on sexy music when writing the sexy parts of their book, what method do you use?

A12: I open up a blank page and type the first sentence of each chapter I know I want to write. Paragraphs from those words and then the story follows.


How did you get into writing?

A13: I didn’t. Writing chose me. Creating a story and world from thoughts and imagination — they’re few things as masterful.


With so many great reviews, is there going to be a follow up to Blade?

A14: I hope so. Blade and his friends are “the antihero” you’d want to have your back — every time!

It is out now