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The Best Theme Parks In Benidorm Spain

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The Best Benidorm Theme Parks


Just like Orlando In Florida has put itself on the map for theme parks, Benidorm Theme parks have become the best in Spain. There are several theme parks in Benidorm which include Terra Mitica, Terra Natura and Aqua Natura, Aqualandia and Mundomar for the whole family to enjoy.


Terra Mitica Theme Park In Benidorm Spain

Terra Mitica Theme park spainOne of the best theme parks in Benidorm is Terra Mitica. It’s a huge attraction that is filled with rollercoasters and waterslides and was inspired by ancient civilisations. The theme parks which was first opened in 2000 is divided into five zones, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia, and the Islands.

The Benidorm theme park which attracts millions of people each year is the perfect place to spend the day for the whole family. Since it opened, it has graduated to become one of Europe’s most exciting attractions.

Terra Mitica has some seriously pulse-pounding rides. They include:

The Fury of Triton

The Flight of the Phoenix

Falls of the Nile





There are rides for everyone and all ages at the popular theme park in Benidorm. The family rides will give pleasure to all the little ones and they include:





Port of Alexandria


Terra Mitica’s Shows

Terra Mitica also puts on several spectacular shows. Those shows include Imperium, gladiators and acrobats, to give people visiting the popular Benidorm attraction a magical day out.

Don’t worry about getting hungry. Terra Mitica Theme park has lots of places to eat.

The theme park Is open from 10am until midnight during June-August and 10am to 8pm in April, May, and September. From the months of October to December it only opens at the weekends and is closed from January to March.



theme parks in benidormUK holidaymakers love Mundomar Theme Park in Benidorm it is my favourite and is perfect for all the family. The popular attraction is Benidorm’s answer to Sea World in Orlando.

What I love about Mundomar is the way it is set out and all the animals that people can get close and personal with. The theme park has dolphins, penguins, lemurs, meerkats, owls, squirrel monkeys, sea lions, and tropical birds to name a few. Just watch your children’s faces when they enter the zoo in Benidorm and see their faces light up.

The dolphin show is the highlight of the day. There is just something magical about watching dolphins glide through the water. There are two dolphin shows each day which last around thirty minutes. Two children are selected in each show to go in a boat which a dolphin pulls.

As well as the dolphin shows, there are also sea-lion shows where you can have your picture taken with a sea-lion. And if you like parrots then you are in look as there is also a twenty-minute parrot show.

There are lots of places to get food when you are hungry, and Mundomar has a playground for children which has climbing frames, swings, and other fun things to let the little ones burn off their energy.


AQUALANDIA Theme Park Benidorm

benidorm theme parks spainIf you like water parks and looking for things to do in Benidorm, then you will love Aqualandia. It’s a popular water park set in beautiful natural setting in the heart of Benidorm. It has one of the world’s largest water slides called the Cyclon.

AQUALANDIA in recent years has become the pride and joy of Benidorm. Each year it attracts tens of millions of people from around the world and some families who visit Benidorm go to the water park more than once during their stay.

It’s no wonder why the popular theme park in Benidorm has become so popular. There are more then twenty rides and flumes. Aqualandia has rides for different ages and different abilities, and some are the most daring in Europe.

Some of the popular rides available include the Black Hole, Kamikaze, Amazonas, Zoo Immersion, Rapids, Splash, and Big Bang.

There are lots of places to get some food while you are there, and remember, if you fancy taking away some pictures of you and your family having fun then check them out near the exit.



theme parks benidorm spainThis poplar Benidorm theme park will light up your children’s faces. It is a magical world where you and your family can experience more than 1,500 animals in a beautiful environment from 200 different species. The animals roam freely in their natural habitat, which allows you to see how they act within their own environment.

Terra Nature is a theme park in Benidorm for all ages. You can spend the whole day there and still wish you had more time. It offers the whole family the chance to take a journey through exotic locations around the world including Asia and see the animals that live in those faraway lands.

Terra Nature is located almost next door to Terra Mitica, so it is easy to find. It is open during the summer between 10am and 8pm. In the winter it is open from 10am until 5pm.

If you are planning on visiting one of Benidorm theme parks, then keep an eye out on special vouchers. You will often see in local newspapers or around the indoor market in Benidorm leaflets offering discounts on attractions. By using these leaflets and discount codes, you can save money. Remember, the money is better in your pocket.

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