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Grantham Man Dies In Caravan After Taking Recreational Drug

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  • Man died in caravan after taking recreational drug


A man born in Grantham sadly died in a caravan in Great Yarmouth after taking recreational drugs.

Shane Atkinson, aged 29, had taken a lethal mix of drugs and was found dead by his girlfriend according to an inquest at Norfolk Coroners Court.

The inquest on Tuesday November 23 was told Shane Atkinson had died from toxic effects of taking three substances that included flubromazolan, a new drug described as “highly potent.”

Jacqueline Lake the Senior Coroner for Norfolk said that Shane could not have known the effects of the new, recreational drug.

The court heard how Shane’s girlfriend found him at his home at Marsh Farm Caravan Park in Cobholm in Greater Yarmouth on January 8,2021.

The inquest was told that Shane was a lovely child who was always smiling and giggling. However, it was also revealed that Shane was bullied at primary school which had a dramatic affect on his life, and he was never as happy again.

Shane had a history of self-harm and drug abuse as well as issues with mental health. He had suffered a period of homelessness but found happiness in Cobholm.

The ruling of the inquest was a verdict of misadventure

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