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Grimsby And Cleethorpes Brewers Fayre To Close

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Premier Inn To Close Grimsby and Cleethorpes Brewers Fayre

Cleethorpes and Grimsby Premier Inn staff shocked at news their restaurants will be closed.


As previously reported in Lincolnshire News Today, Premier Inn owners Whitebread which employs 37,000 staff announced they would be closing more than 200 branded restaurants with the loss of 1,500 jobs. Sad news just in, Grimsby Brewers Fayre and Cleethorpes Brewers Fayre are two of the restaurants that will be closed.

According to Whitebread, some of the branded Premier Inn restaurants are losing the company money. They plan to turn 112 of the restaurants into additional hotel rooms and sell 126 restaurants as a going business.

With the news not yet been confirmed by Whitbread, the restaurants in Cleethorpes and Grimsby will be closed in seven weeks.

Staff at Grimsby Brewers Fayre and Cleethorpes Brewers Fayre have told Lincolnshire News Today they are shocked by the move.

Cleethorpes and Grimsby Breyers Fayre To Close

An employee at Cleethorpes Brewers Fayre told Lincolnshire News Today they don’t understand the move. They explained that the restaurant is mostly busy and cannot understand how Whitbread can claim the restaurants lose them money.

“We are always busy. The location of our restaurants is perfect for tourists and as well as all the people who come on holiday and visit us, we also have all our regulars.”

Another member of staff based at Grimsby Premier Inn said when the news was announced about the closure of the restaurants, they did not expect Grimsby or Cleethorpes to be affected.

With news that Grimsby and Cleethorpes Brewers Fayre are going to be closed down, members of staff working at Premier Inn Hotels in Lincoln, Skegness, Boston, and Scunthorpe are now fearing for their jobs.

The closure of the Brewers Fayre in Grimsby and Cleethorpes has stirred a mix of emotions among the residents. Many locals have expressed sadness and a sense of loss, trying to understand the madness behind the move.

Some Cleethorpes residents believe this is another nail in the coffin for a dying seaside town. With the loss of Winter Island, and then Pleasure Island in 2007, and now with Cleethorpes Brewers Fayre closing, some Cleethorpes residents are wondering what will close next

It is not just Cleethorpes and Grimsby residents who are shocked by the closure of the Brewers Fayre restaurants. Caravan owners in caravan parks in Cleethorpes are also shocked.

Susan who owns a caravan on Haven Cleethorpes Beach told Lincolnshire News Today this could affect caravan rentals.

“When we had Pleasure Island it was easy to rent out our caravan, but each year it is getting harder and harder. Last year we had a lot of cancellations, and this year we have already had 20 cancellations. The last thing we need is for more businesses for tourists to close.”

Another caravan owner who did not wish to be named said: “This year could be our last year as caravan owners. The site fees are getting too expensive, and we rely on people renting out caravans to pay the site fees. Let’s be honest, there is not much here in Cleethorpes now. If the Brewers Fayre in Cleethorpes shuts down, then this could affect us.”

According to Whitbread, the closing of the restaurants around the country will add more than 3,500 hotel rooms. They believe the addition of the hotel rooms will make them more money than the branded restaurants.



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