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Lincoln Petrol Shortages Could Last Until Christmas

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned that petrol Shortages for Lincoln and the rest of the country could last until December

Not the news that people living and working in Boston want to wake up to. But, according to Boris Johnson the petrol shortage could continue until Christmas.

The Prime Minister this morning admitted that petrol stations struggling to receive petrol due to the lack of HGV drivers will continue for many months to come.

As well as petrol shortage, Boris Johnson also admitted supermarkets could continue to struggle with food supply until the HGV problem is sorted.

Speaking to Andrew Marr on the BBC Mr Johnson was asked about the crisis in HGV drivers and petrol supplies.

The Prime Minister was asked if the HGV problem was down to Brexit. Mr Marr put the question to Boris Johnson after saying that no other country in Europe was suffering from the same problem as we were.

Mr Johnson replied: “What you’ve got at the moment is a shortage of lorry drivers, truck drivers that’s affecting the whole world. There was even a shortage of truck drivers in China.

“There’s a shortage in America and in Poland. When you look at the particular issues on the forecourts there you’ve got a problem that now is very largely driven by demand.”

Boris then went on to say the Government is making sure they have the supplementary drivers they need. What he was referring to was the new Visa rules that allow driver to come into the country and work. However, many European drivers have said they have no intention of helping the UK out.

The Prime Ministers back up plan is to use the army to deliver petrol. According to reports, the Army will start delivering petrol from Monday.

Instead of admitting his failures, and agreeing that the HGV driver shortage is down to Brexit, Boris went on to blame the haulage industry for failing to invest in working conditions and pay for drivers in recent years for the lack of drivers.

When we spoke to people living and working in Lincoln, more than 80% put the petrol shortage problem down to Boris Johnson. Many of those we spoke to said everything that Boris Johnson claimed would not happen is happening.

Lincolnshire News & Lifestyle have contacted Number 10 Downing Street to ask if Boris Johnson has been sleeping on the job for the past two years, and what he intends to do to start sorting out the problems Boston and Lincolnshire is facing. At the moment of going to press, we have not had a response.

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