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Petrol Panic Buying Causing Roads In Lincoln To Be Gridlocked

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  • Drivers worried about petrol running out are causing gridlock across the roads of Lincoln


At different petrol stations around Lincoln on Monday, motorists are queuing up for up to a mile to fill their cars up. This has caused serious problems on the roads which Lincolnshire Police said could be dangerous.

The Government and Lincolnshire Police are appealing to the public to stop panic buying. However, these please are falling on death ears as motorists in Lincoln and around Lincolnshire continue to panic buy.

Motorists who put the blame on Boris Johnson for the petrol shortage problem are concerned they will not have enough petrol to get to and from work.

We spoke to three drivers who said they only wanted to buy enough petrol to allow them to get to work. They put the blame on the panic buying situation on the Government and agreed that the new £30 limit that some companies have brought in was a good idea.

Although the Government is set to suspend competition law which would allow oil firms to target fuel deliveries to petrol stations in order to deal with the demand, Boris Johnson has refused to bring in the army.

Over the weekend there was talk of the army being brought in to drive petrol tankers. However, Boris Johnson dismissed these claims early this morning.

Some petrol stations in Lincoln have stewards to help keep calm and allow motorists to fill up safely.

Morrisons, Tesco, Shell, and BP have announced they have introduced a £30 limit on petrol. It is thought that other suppliers will follow.

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