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Lincolnshire Conservative MPs Could Lose Their Seats

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Rishi Sunak Scared To Announce General Election Date

Lincolnshire News Today launched a survey to find out how many people trusted Rishi Sunak and how many people trusted Keir Starmer.


After an embarrassing loss of council seats in the local elections, Conservative MPs are now fearing for their future. According to reports, 40 letters of no-confidence have been sent, which is 13 short of the 53 required for a no-confidence vote.

Lincolnshire Conservative MPs could find themselves out of work when Rishi Sunak finally calls a General Election. With the lack of trust in the Conservative Leader, and with the failed promises that he made, which included sending illegal migrants to Rwanda, Lincolnshire Conservative MPs could be replaced with Labour MPs. Victoria Atkins and Matt Warman could find themselves losing their seats.

Two Conservative MPs in the past month have quit the Conservative Party and joined the Labour Party. Natalie Elphicke the MP for Dover and Dan Poulter for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich have shown their lack of confidence in Rishi Sunak by defecting to the Labour Party.

We spoke to Two Conservative MPs not in Lincolnshire who have told Lincolnshire Today News that they fear for their seats at the next General Election. When asked if they felt a vote of no-confidence should take place both MPs said no.


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According to the two Conservative MPs, they feel it is too late in the day to change the leadership and feel a no-confidence vote should have taken place in 2023.

It is clear with more than 60 Conservative MPs announcing they will not stand at the next General Election that Rishi Sunak has lost the trust of his party. But how many of the General Public trust Rishi Sunak and what does that result mean at the next General Election?

Lincolnshire News Today conducted a survey to find out how many people in Lincolnshire Trust Rishi Sunak and how many people trust Keir Starmer, the results may shock you.

We asked 200 people in Grimsby, Lincoln, Louth, Skegness, Scunthorpe, Grantham, Spalding, Cleethorpes, Sleaford, Bourne, and Stamford, if they trust Rishi Sunak. 18% said they did trust Rishi Sunak. Keir Starmer may be celebrating with the result of our survey, but he may be shocked by the second question we asked.

When we asked the same people if they trusted Keir Starmer, only 58% said they did trust him. Even though our research shows that the Conservatives will not win the next General Election, it does not mean that Keir Starmer will win by a huge majority.

With only 58% of people trusting Keir Starmer and believing he is the right man to lead the country, it could result in the Labour Leader being forced to form a coalition.


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The general feeling with Rishi Sunak is he has failed the NHS, spending money the UK has not got on the migrant problem and is not tackling employment and the crime problem in the UK.

According to the 200 people we spoke to, Keir Starmer is not a proven leader. Many people feel he has no vision and changes his mind every two minutes.

A lot of the people we have spoken to fear he will not tackle or does not have a clue how to tackle the long waiting lists in the NHS. While others believe he will adopt many of the Conservative policies which include punishing disabled people.

When we asked the 42% of those people who said they did not trust Keir Starmer if they would like to see a new leader of the Labour Party, 31% said yes.

With Rishi Sunak running scared to call the next General Election, one thing is for sure, there will not be as many Lincolnshire Conservative MPs as there are today.

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