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Parents Want Lincolnshire MPs To Resign Over Knife Crime

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Lincolnshire MPs Must Resign Over Knife Crime Vote

Lincolnshire Parents Want Matt Warman (Conservative – Boston and Skegness), Martin Vickers (Conservative – Cleethorpes), Lia Nici (Conservative – Great Grimsby), Holly Mumby-Croft (Conservative – Scunthorpe), and Karl McCartney (Conservative – Lincoln)


Rishi Sunak and the Tories have once again shown they do not care about the parents in this country after they shockingly reject the call for ninja swords to be banned despite grieving mum’s plea. Now shocked parents are calling for Lincolnshire MPs Matt Warman, Martin Vickers, Lia Nic, Holly Mumby-Croft, and Karl McCartney to resign with immediate effect.

A new law to help make our streets safer and children from being killed through Ninja swords was voted down by a majority of over 100 MPs despite one being used in the 2022 killing of 16-year-old Roman Kanda.

The Tory party who has failed to listen to the general public on important issues such as the NHS, Policing, and the cost of living, have once again decided to ignore what parents need, and that is to make streets safer and stop children being killed.


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Street knife crime has risen under the Tory Government. In just ten years knife crime in Lincolnshire has risen by more than 192%. In 2022-2023 there were 50,500 offences involving a sharp instrument in England and Wales (excluding Devon & Cornwall). That is a shocking figure and a figure that Conservative MPs are happy to live with.

Under the Tory Government, knife crime has increased by a shocking 80%, which makes no sense why Lincolnshire MPs Matt Warman, Martin Vickers, Lia Nic, Holly Mumby-Croft, and Karl McCartney decided to vote against the new law to make our streets safer.

The feeling today on the streets of Lincolnshire is the likes of Matt Warman, Martin Vickers, and the other Conservative MPs in Lincolnshire who voted against the new law outlawing ninja swords will not be in Parliament at the next General Election.

Lincolnshire News Today asked one hundred people who were a mix of Labour and Tory voters, and the general feeling was one of disgust. 97 of the men and women we spoke to, 54 of which voted Conservative at the last General Election said they would vote Labour when it comes time to vote for the next Prime Minister.


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Norman from Lincoln said he voted for Karl McCartney at the next election and feels he has been betrayed and his vote was wasted.

“I cannot believe Karl voted against the new law to make our streets safer. It shows our MP has no interest in what people who voted for him want. The sooner he is voted out as an MP the better.”

Norman was not alone in the shock at their MP. Joyce from Grimsby said she was shocked but not surprised.

“All the Tory government have done since coming to power is lie and think of themselves. Our MP has done nothing for Grimsby. The last MP was a waste of time, but anything is better than having Lia Nici represent us.”

Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper shared the shock that parents all over Lincolnshire feel over the shocking result of the vote and said it is “inexplicable” the Tories have failed to outlaw the ninja knives.

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