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Goldragon : A New Revolutionary Play-to-Earn Game that Promotes True Community Collaboration

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Goldragon is a revolutionary, collaborative Play-to-Earn game that will launch in late April 2023, featuring never-before-seen game mechanics that encourages players collaboration for maximum returns and longevity.

At its core, Goldragon tells a story of citizens of a thriving Kingdom, protected by a Dragon that is being cared by a King. Players take the role as Citizens that donates to the Kingdom to care for the Dragon, in which the King will reward the Players with weekly yield from the Dragon’s Hoard.


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In each Hoard, one King Player will be selected from a transparent bidding process where the highest bidder will be crowned King. Subsequent players will take up the role as Citizens where they can play a variety of arcade-type games (quests) to earn different Foods items to feed the Dragon and increase their weekly yield.

Citizen Players will enjoy weekly yield up to 12.5% and a maturity of 150% while the King will reap up to 11% of their initial bid.

In addition to the weekly yield, Citizen Players can further increase their Play-to-earn opportunities by referring new players into the Hoard, further encouraging growing the Hoard as the key to success.

Skilled players that manage to crack the weekly quests leaderboards will have further chances of receiving enormous rewards from the Hoard.

The mini-quests in Goldragon are some of the most popular casual games today. These five separate and distinct games are: Diamond Drop – a Match-3 type game; Free Dragons – a Bubble Shooter game; Warrior Defender – a Tower Defence game; Flying Dragon – a Aim-and-shoot game, and Diamond Combo – an Addictive Puzzle game.

Goldragon, which combines a fully transparent weekly yield system with fun and strategic arcade games, is revolutionary in ensuring all credits and debits of the funds are fully accounted for and publicly available for all to vet and verify.

At all times, Players can be assured of the viability of the yield payouts and make strategic decisions accordingly with their deposits and gameplay based on the Hoard size.

Future plans of Goldragon include a private NFT marketplace, a Goldragon token, partnerships with sustainable energy companies and cross-platform games.

Goldragon is expected to be a popular addition to the growing P2E game market, and it is hoped that it will help make a social impact through the company’s green initiative.

Goldragon is set to launch end of April, more information can be found at

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