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What happens to a parent when they send their talented athlete off to their Freshman College journey with passion, trust, and beaming joy, after a decade of sacrifices, to learn the coaches denied him the necessary emergency medical attention after weeks of watching his health decline?

What happens when you learn your talented child, of just eighteen years, is starting on the journey he strategically planned while sacrificing year after year to achieve his dream, an NCAA soccer player with a full-ride scholarship, and he collapses on the training field, without support or help?

This family experienced this horrific day during the International athlete’s first month of training in the Pacific Northwest. While watching his ongoing signs of exhaustion, compromised breathing, and reduced motor skills, the coaches did not offer him medical attention. Instead, they belittled him for his lack of focus and dedication while he sat on the sidelines, unable to breathe. One of the coaches yelled while the team watched, ‘Why don’t you get a puffer?!’

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This young man, a promising International natural star, almost died. He collapsed, and his family physician—against University Athletic Trainer and Coaches advice, ordered him straight to the hospital.

The eight-month journey that followed was painful, uncertain, and devastating. The athlete was bedridden, with the loss of his soccer career, including his signed International Player offer, gone. One day, he almost lost his life; the next, losing his domestic and international career. Then, his NCAA Freshman experience, with the uncertainty of the future, his health, and his life in general, became the reality of this young man’s life without warning.

After witnessing her son’s pain, the athlete’s mother was determined to right the wrong.

Determined and looking for help, the mother combed through the internet, seeking the successful knowledge of a Sports Lawyer, an expert handling NCAA athlete cases. Kennyhertz Perry Attorneys and Mit Winter stood out.

Kennyhertz Perry’s attorney accepted the representation of the player’s mother. The months after that were anything short of devastating, chaotic, and in the mother’s

opinion, and alleges, a misrepresentation of the experience published by both the law firm and the attorney.

Moving forward to 2022, the firm that would not address allegations by the mother—filed a lawsuit in Johnson County District Court, alleging the mother did not pay her bills, and breached her contract.

After her son’s almost death collapse on a soccer field, and the ongoing dedication to his recovery, it would have been devastating news to have a lawsuit filed against you, served by a law enforcement officer from the Sheriff’s department, but not this mom. This mom fired back with a $2,500,000.00 Counterclaim alleging fraud, misrepresentation, unethical behavior, and libel, states Johnson County District Court documents.

The mom believes and alleges that Kennyhertz Perry Attorneys misrepresented the firm’s ability to provide a qualified Sports Lawyer, experienced in Personal Injury and case management, representing NCAA and professional athletes.

If this mom gets her ‘time in court,’ it will mark a day in Kansas State history when a Pro Se individual, Jennifer Dickinson, faces the alleged to prove her case, seeking justice.

Case No. 23CV00371
Chapter 60
Johnson County Kansas Court

Mit Winter


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