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Grimsby Pelham Medical Centre Patient Shocked At How They Have Treated Her

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  • Grimsby woman ‘appalled’ with GP after not receiving vital jab for over a year


Grimsby Pelham Medical Centre who have received 2.1 stars out of 5 on Google reviews have been slammed for their patient treatment by a Grimsby woman.

Rachell Nunn who is a patient of the Church View Health Centre, Cartergate, Grimsby suffers from pernicious anaemia. She has said she is appalled at the way her Doctor and Pelham medical centre has treated her.

The 51-year-old suffers from pernicious anaemia which means she needs a B12 injection to stop her immune system from attacking the healthy cells in her body. She had a vital injection cancelled after not receiving it for over a year.

Rachell who said she feels really ill after not having her injection for over a year has slammed Pelham Medical Centre and said they need to do more to help her and other patients.

She explained that her previous injection had been cancelled due to Covid, but when she rearranged her appointment for her injection after becoming ill, Pelham Medical Centre cancelled it again and told her she would be fine.

Rachell Nunn has been shocked at her injections being cancelled, especially when other medical centres in Grimsby have been giving patients their B12 injections without delay.

The Lincolnshire practice opposite Pelham Medical Centre, Chantry Health Centre has been giving patients their B12 injections, which makes it even more strange why Pelham Medical Centre have been cancelling appointments.

Due to how unwell Rachel has been feeling, she has considered going to Grimsby Princess Of Wales Hospital to be treated.

She said: “I suffer from Pernicious Anaemia and have to have an injection every eight weeks, which has never been a problem with former GP surgeries.

“When I was originally diagnosed, I was told I couldn’t take the tablet format of B12 as it wouldn’t have the desired effect and that an injection was the only way to combat the illness.

“When I started at Pelham Medical Centre, I had to keep reminding them about how often I needed my injection and my final one was due in April 2020, but was cancelled due to Covid.

“When I rang them to ask what to do after the cancellation, I was told to go get the tablet substitute from the pharmacy; however, as I stated, they did nothing to help my pain.

“I rang up in June 2020 to try and arrange something, but they just kept telling me I’d be fine.”

Rachel said one of the most shocking experiences was when she managed to get an appointment to have the B12 injection, but then ten minutes later it was cancelled.

She said: “I rang up and managed to get myself in. I was so happy and relieved that I actually cried when they told me I would be able to come and have my injection.

“My husband was also thrilled that I might finally start to feel better again.

“However, 10 minutes later they rang me up to say they wouldn’t be able to do it and that I’d need a blood test before being given the injection.

“I explained that, with how poorly I was feeling, I didn’t think I could manage a blood test as I felt so much worse having not had the B12 injection.

“I was told a doctor would ring me back that day and I sat waiting until 6pm, but still nobody called me back.

“I just feel that, at this point, my only option is to go to A&E where I know that I’ll be given it. I just don’t understand why they wanted me to do a blood test when I’m feeling this poorly.

“I’ve also spoken to the anaemic society who have agreed that it’s awful the way I’ve been treated. It’s getting to the point now where it’s a struggle to even get to work because I feel that faint.

“We’re being told that everywhere is going back to normal, but I still can’t get my injection. It’s really upsetting as it’s something I need, and it doesn’t even take that long.

“I’m so frustrated after being told I could have it again and then it gets cancelled. I wouldn’t have minded if it was only a few months, but it’s now 14 months since I last had any treatment for it.”

In response to these claims, a spokesperson for the North East Lincolnshire CCG said: “We value patients’ privacy and do not comment on individual circumstances.

“However, so we can look into this patient’s difficulties, we would urge them to contact our PALS team by ringing 0300 3000 500 or sending an email to [email protected]. With their permission we can speak to the practice on their behalf.”

One of the biggest problems with complaints to Doctors in Grimsby and the UK is the practice manager is employed by the practice. This is a farce as no practice manager is going to put their job at risk by going against a Doctor or senior partner.

The only way Medical Centres in Grimsby and the UK are going to improve, is if the Government brings in Practice Managers that are employed by the local authority and not by Doctors surgeries.

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