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Women Pay More For Holiday Shopping Than Men

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A shocking new report has found that women are paying more for their holiday shopping than men. The research carried out by found that women are charged 21% more than men. As an example, women spend £38.19 more than men for swimwear, and for the same disposable razor brand women are paying 60% more, which to be honest does not make any sense and seems very unfair.

For many years now retail outlets have been taking advantage of women when it comes to shopping, and now the Pink Tax as it is known shows how women are being unfairly treated when it comes to shopping for their holiday. The new report shows just how much women are being taken advantage of when it comes to their holiday shopping, but although women are being taken advantage it seems retail outlets will not be changing their pricing policy.


Read:Parents Ignore School Fines carried out a survey involving 754 women and 623 men, determining the essential toiletries men and women would buy for a ten-day holiday to their favourite European beach destination. Following this, a comparative study of products was conducted, exposing the truth behind the partialities of retail pricing.

The research found that when men and women go shopping for the same holiday products, women pay £20.50 more which is a 21% gap.

women pay more than men on holiday products

When it comes to men and women buying toiletries, women will spend £27.40 while men will spend just £24.76. In a world where everything is supposed to be equal, but in reality, with women being paid less than men this is just another example of how women are being treated less fairly than men.

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