Thursday, January 27, 2022

Skegness Parking Fines Ranked in The Top Ten by Lincolnshire County Council

If you are thinking of parking in Skegness, then be aware. Skegness has made it in the top ten streets for parking fines by Lincolnshire County Council.

According to data from Lincolnshire County Council on the number of parking tickets handed out in the 2020/21 financial year, 24,225 parking fines were issued.

Lumley Road, Skegness came in at number five for the most parking fines issued on a street by Lincolnshire County Council. There were 332 parking fines issued with 148 of them for parking longer than permitted.

The second street in Skegness for the most parking fines was South Parade, which came in at number six. 320 parking tickets were issued on South Parade with 148 of them for parking longer than permitted.

Although Skegness came in at 5th and 6th for the most parking fines, the winner at number one was Lincoln. A total of 10,275 fines were issued. The most popular streets in Lincoln for parking fines was Silver Street, Waterside South and West Parade.


Here are the worst top 10 streets for parking fines between April 2020 and March 2021


    Broad Street, Stamford, 708 fines (552 for parking longer than permitted)

    Silver Street, Lincoln, 615 (248 parking in a disabled bay without a badge)

    Market Place, Boston, 596 (257 parking in an area with waiting and loading restrictions)

    Eastgate, Louth, 448 (303 parking in a space not designated for the vehicle class)

    Lumley Road, Skegness, 332 (148 parking longer than permitted)

    South Parade, Skegness, 320 (161 parking longer than permitted)

    West Street, Boston, 316 (98 parking longer than permitted)

    Waterside South, Lincoln, 315 (144 parking in a space not designated for the vehicle class)

    West Parade, Lincoln, 304 (194 parking longer than permitted)


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